One of the many cool things about living in a small town is getting to know so many people on such a close level.  I met the Westbrook family a little over a year ago when my sister gave me a big, Gatsby themed birthday party.  The Westbrook’s were friends of my sister and attended in full costume like the rest of us.  It was such a big night that I was unable to spend much time getting to know the family, but it wouldn’t be the last time our paths would cross.

 The following month I was able to meet their baby girl Elise when she went “trick or treating” with my niece for Halloween.  The girls were precious and I enjoyed watching them take off in the little red wagon.  Since then I have had the pleasure of hearing Aria, the mommy, sing in our church.  She has an amazing voice.  She is a choral music teacher for one of the local elementary schools and I can only imagine how great she is as a teacher.  As a vocalist, she is amazing and as a person, she is really kind and sweet.  I haven’t had a lot of interaction with her husband, but he is undoubtedly a great husband and father.  

So here’s the nitty gritty…they have had a difficult time having their second child.  They have decided to adopt and have found the right agency for them.  Now they have to raise the money.  They had an amazing fundraiser this past Saturday. I had to work most of the day, but I was still lucky enough to spend a good hour there after work.  They had raffles and food and balloon animal makers and corn hole and some of her music students singing.  It was awesome.  Check out my nephew.



I love his super, cheesy grin.  So a part of me has fallen in love with this family and after knowing their story my heart aches a little for them.  Please read their story and donate if your heart feels pulled as mine does.  Prayers are appreciated too.  I am just always in awe of the beauty of love.


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