We all make mistakes in life.  I have made more than I would ever care to share, but I think what’s most important is learning from those mistakes.  Maybe what’s more important is making those moments right?  Did you ever say or do something that was just so unlike you that it shocked you?  Did you ever hurt someone and just leave it at that?  A person left hurting?  I am sad to say that I have and more than once.  I have tried to make amends in most of those situations, but it certainly doesn’t make it right and it most definitely doesn’t mean that I have been forgiven.  

It’s hard, if not impossible to live your life without occasionally looking back on it. It can be really nice to reminiscence as long as you don’t dwell too long there. I struggle to stay in the present sometimes. Life is a beautiful experience and those experiences make us who we are. I’d like to think that my past has made me stronger and hopefully better.

Yesterday, as I was channel surfing on my lunch break I heard something that I have not heard in a long time and it stuck with me all day…Make sure that you are not running away, because you cannot escape your past; it follows you. So my question to myself and to others is this? Are you running from something or are you running to something? I’d like to think that I am running to something better; a better me.

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