The countdown has begun.  Just an hour and a half to go until I walk outside into the fresh, hot air.  It’s beautiful today.  It’s eighty-five degrees and sunny outside.  When I leave tonight I will be joining my family and some friends at the Company Shops downtown.  I read this on their Facebook page a moment ago and it made me even more giddy for the weekend.

“Live music tonight from India Cain & Keith Allen at 6:00pm, and we hear that representatives from the Burlington Beer Works (the newly-announced brewery co-op) will be around to answer questions and sign up new owners!”

So that’s for tonight and I am so excited.  I am really excited to learn more about our new brewery co-op!  This city just makes me love it more and more each day.

Then tomorrow I am actually off the schedule at work!  I am going to use the fabulous spa gift certificate that my brother-in-law and sister gave me for my birthday.  Any package calling itself the “extreme wellness” package has won me over even before it has started.  I won’t be on a juice cleanse this time so I will be able to enjoy the complimentary lunch, too.  Woot. Woot. 

I don’t know if my time being spoiled will allow for everything I want to do tomorrow, but I have every intention of hitting up the “Woofstock” at the park, too. Woofstock is sponsored by our local Humane society and will feature over 30 vendors and food trucks!  The Windy Hill Trio will be playing in the ampitheater, too. I will be racing home from my spa time to try and get Mr. Sugarbears over there to make some friends.  For my local friends…it’s at City Park from 11-3 tomorrow.  Please grab your animal and go.  It’s important.  You may just find another furry friend to take home with you.  

I hope that this weekend is beautiful and wonderful for everyone.  Mr. Sugarbears and I have some catching up to do.  It’s been a long week, but the weekend is so close.  




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