Daddy is 9 days older than mom and we have been celebrating for over a week the big 7-0 for them.  Dad officially turned 70 last Sunday and momma turned 70 today.  Unlike the celebration that we gave them for their 60th birthday, this one was really low-key, per their request.  We had a big birthday dinner at my sister’s house Saturday night for the two of them.  The menu that they wanted for their birthdays…
mom4Freebird is the master grill man.
We had steaks with a salad and potato bar with french bread. Yep. Easy, Peasy. For dessert my sweet sister made this masterpiece…
It was pretty perfect. After dinner we just sat around and enjoyed the kiddos. They were pretty amazing, as always.
mom1Dorothy Gail was giving out the best hugs.
Oliver was invited for dinner and as you can see from the hugging, he was very loved.
Since today was moms actual birthday, we met her for lunch. We met her at La Fiesta. Truth be told, mom does not venture to new restaurants. She is accustomed to her own cooking and it has always been simple, southern deliciousness. My sister and I were both surprised that she wanted to try out La Fiesta today. Of course we love it. Anyway, she ordered the steak fajitas and loved them. To make the lunch extra wonderful, they put a sombrero on her and started singing Happy Birthday to her. I love this smile.

7 thoughts on “The Big 7-0

  1. I loved the celebrations this year, perfect family time with momma and daddy. I am forever faithful to La Fiesta after the fun we had yesterday.

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