I have a monthly subscription with Birchbox.  It’s a brilliant company.  For ten dollars per month, they send me a box full of beauty samples that are customized for me.  For me, it’s like a special present each month.  I originally saw a picture of a Birchbox on Instagram from one of the food bloggers I follow.  I was intrigued and I am so glad that the post peaked my interest.   I immediately went to and tried to sign up then.  Once you “request an invite” from Birchbox, it will take about one month before they will “invite” you to purchase a subscription.  Trust me, it is worth the wait.  I simply filled out a profile of the types of beauty items that interested me, my hair color, eye color, fair skin, and such.  Each box is customized for me.  I have yet to open one that didn’t thrill me.  Last month my favorite item in the box was a great mascara which I am still using.  This months box came in last night and I haven’t had a chance to try the products, but tonight I will dive right in to my new products.  This is what was included this month…


Of course they want to entice me into buying these products on their website.  I have no problem with the brilliance of their business.  If I like a product that they have put in the box for me, I can buy it from them at a discount or anywhere else for that matter.  I have no obligation to buy anything from them.  My only obligation is my monthly ten-dollar subscription agreement.  I can opt out at any time.  If I do choose to purchase on their website, I build up points with them.  For every one dollar I spend with Birchbox, I collect one point.  One hundred points gives me an additional ten dollars off anything in the Birchbox shop. So again, it’s my choice to purchase from the shop, but if I like something I am going to purchase at a discounted rate and build up points while doing so.

So this months box had a new cologne sample from France-Atelier cologne. I did not open it last night to smell it since it was late.  I like to savor these samples.  I also had Stainiac lip stain that will be perfect for the holiday season!  Also in the box was a large sample of pore minimizing serum.  It looks like there are about 6 of them in the bottle.  Nice!  Also in the box there was some kind of new hair contraption that I may or may not use, but I know my mom will love it if I don’t.  Sometimes they have a “birchbox find” added to the sample box as I did this month.  This month they added a new ChapStick Hydration lock.  It is clinically proven to moisturize lips from 9-5 and doubles as a lip primer.  It is full of antioxidants, too.  For anyone that really knows me, they know I am always putting on some type of lip gloss.  My lips are perpetually dry due to my involuntary habit of licking my lips.  It’s insane, really.  I can’t stop.  Maybe it’s because in my head I am always creating recipes or thinking about something I would like to eat. Haha.  Once again, I have digressed.  I hope you have enjoyed my review of the Birchbox.  It makes me happy.  It’s ten dollars per month well-spent.  


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