My dad is a very humble man.  I have such a great respect for how he has lived his life.   When he met my mother he was serving in the Navy.  He fell head over heels for her and every month he came home to see her.  After twelve dates…one year later, he asked mom to marry him.  My mother jokes that as soon as he married her he started saving for his future children to go to college.  The joke is a reality.  He wanted a family and he wanted to be a good dad.  He is and he always has been a good dad.  In fact he has been a great dad.  There was never a need that he did not meet for us.  (wants are different, of course)  At seventy, he is still working almost as hard as he was at forty.  He’s a working machine.  He likes to take care of people.  He works so he can tithe to the church, give to his alma mater, give to those in need and treat his “girls” sometimes.  Of course I mean myself, sister and mom when I say his girls.  He still mows his own yard and takes care of most of the repairs needed on his home and cars.  He’s also the man that still wears some of the same ties from the seventies.  He’s not big on spoiling himself.  So last Christmas when he announced that he had bought himself a 1959 Plymouth Fury, we were all flabbergasted.  He has wanted this car for years.  None of us ever thought he would buy one for himself.  In fact my sister and I often talked about how wonderful it would be if we could find an affordable one and buy it for him.  He had one in high school and  when he and mom met they both had one.  So needless to say, he’s very happy to have this car.

snowshoe 030

 It’s really cool.  I drove it for the first time about a month ago and it was harder than I had imagined.  He drove me out to the country and then traded seats with me.  It reminded me of the first time I drove a big van in college for a catering company.  It’s a lot of vehicle to keep on the road.  

Last week he mentioned that he was going to take it to the Car Show in our county, but as usual didn’t give any detail to me.  Saturday afternoon my dad showed up with a trophy in his hand grinning like a Cheshire cat.  He had waxed his car to the point that you couldn’t sit a can on it without it sliding off.  It was beautiful.  He drove his car to the 16th Annual Car and Tractor show Saturday morning and paid his 20.00 entry fee and then showed off his baby to anyone and everyone that would stop by.  The proceeds benefit the Hospice Home in Alamance county.  I hate that we missed seeing him there.  My sister’s husband and my nephew made it there and perhaps that was enough.  For me, seeing the look on his face with the trophy in his hand was almost enough to make me cry.  The man who always does for everyone else had his first trophy at seventy.  Finally, something for the humble man.  

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