Looking for Treasure

Sleep is my friend. Every morning when my alarm goes off I immediately slam the snooze button, followed by two more slams. It takes me three threatening alarms to force me to get out of bed. Luckily my husband has already left before this harassment happens, so he is none the wiser. Thankfully as soon as I jump in the shower I am alert and awake and happy. People are under the impression that I am a morning person because of this.
Since B leaves earlier than I do, he wakes me just enough that I am able to go back to sleep and experience the “crazy” dreams. You know the kind of dreams I am referring to-the kind that can be so bizarre that when you wake up you are left questioning why something so weird would even enter your mind. Sometimes these dreams are full of terror that I can’t escape and many times they are so joyful that I just can’t bear to leave them. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I don’t want to get up. Dreams can make life even better. It’s important to set goals and dream of better things in life.
A few weekends ago while B was working on the new fence, Mr. Sugarbears was exploring the yard. He likes to bury things in the yard. In fact it’s become normal to hear a squeak under foot when walking through our yard. He buries his squeaky toys in shallow graves all over the back yard. On this particular occasion he found life in an old tree stump. His entire head was below the ground. He found a nest of chipmunks. Fortunately he could not reach them. I had terrible images in my mind of him running around the yard with a chipmunk in his mouth. Thankfully, this did not happen. Every morning when I let him out he immediately runs to the old stump. He’s convinced he is going to have a chipmunk. It’s just not going to happen though. I hate to crush the dogs dreams, but in this case…Mr. Sugarbears is looking for treasure in the form of a chipmunk for him to play with or a squirrel. I think we are all searching for something. Are you looking for treasure?

4 thoughts on “Looking for Treasure

  1. What a cutie that Mr. Sugarbears. He really thinks he is on to something, huh? He probably won’t give up until he finds something. What treasure am I looking for? Aside from a lottery win, I have all the treasures I need to make me happy. 🙂

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