After welcoming Ramsey, my sister’s new rescue dog Friday night, we still had lots more to look forward to.  Saturday night we were invited to an engagement party for my friends Dee and Tim.  The home was stunning, as was their backyard.  We were amazed as one of the hosts took us down to his pond to feed the catfish.  As hard as I tried to get a picture of the feeding catfish I just failed.  These catfish were huge!  Imagine standing next to a pond while 10-15 pound Catfish splashed you in a feeding frenzy.  It was really cool.  The wife is a master gardener and her yard was truly a masterpiece.  Later in the evening as we all meandered through their home we all somehow made it to the garage.  The husband restores old cars and wow are they beautiful.  Since my sister and I both had MGB convertibles at sixteen, we were both enamored with this one.


Looks at the leather detail on this car.


This garage kept us entertained for a while.  Of course the cabernet we were downing likely attributed to our fascination and my sister’s photo bomb here. πŸ™‚


Sunday, my sister invited us all over for a Southern style potluck.  I am pretty sure that I need to fast today.  I like to think of the gluttonous behavior that I displayed yesterday as  holiday prepping for my tummy. 

First up-Butter beans cooked with Salt pork by yours truly.  Healthy.


I also tried out Tyler Florence’s “tried-and-true” Sweet potato casserole.  Wow. It makes sense to add butter, brown sugar and pecans on top.  Yep.



Coco made these amazing deviled eggs with bacon drippings mixed in and bacon on top.  Also, very healthy. πŸ™‚


She also made this amazing corn pudding with goats cheese.  Recipe courtesy of this months Southern Living.  Yes, I said goats cheese.  SOOO yummy.


Dee made her “almost famous baked beans”  Yes-she adds meat to the dish.  Beans need the added carbs.  Yep, another light dish.


Sadly I did not get a picture of the collards cooked with bacon, the crock-pot mac and cheese or the Smashed red potatoes with heavy cream. Nor did I take a picture of the Banana Pudding cake or the Mississippi mud cake.  Maybe because my brain and body stopped working after eating this entire plate.


Any weekend that has rescue dogs, a southern potluck, an engagement party with friends and restored MGB’s is what I think of as a perfect weekend.  


7 thoughts on “A Perfect Weekend

  1. This does look like the perfect weekend. Southern cooking is legendary and a southern potluck?! Well, that’s about the best there is. Congrats to all on the engagement party!

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