And Three Became One

Please read this previous post about this wonderful couple.

I just spent the past three days celebrating with a lot of my dear friends. It’s been party after party attended by so many wonderful people. Two of my best friends got hitched on Saturday and it was incredible. The ceremony was the most emotional I have ever been to…including my own. Yes, I just wrote that and not because I wasn’t head over heels in love with my husband, but because we were young and we had no so-called baggage when we married.
As we get older, life can throw us curve balls here and there. Some of those curve balls bring us great, unexpected joy and others bring us great pain. In the case of Tim…I think we all just assumed he would always be the cool bachelor in the neighborhood. He didn’t seem unhappy at all and I don’t think he was, but then one of those curve balls struck him hard. That curve ball was Dee. He’s different now. He’s even better. Tim found his missing link…a link none of us knew was missing.
Dee’s life was in a very different place when the two of them met. Dee had just suffered through losing her marriage and her lower legs. That marriage had given her a beautiful daughter, so meeting someone was at the bottom of her list. She was focusing on being a good mom and learning to walk again. Her second curve ball was falling for Tim. She never saw him coming. Dee is one of those rare breeds that has not only survived her pain…but has grown from it. She even added another medical degree while learning to walk on prosthetics. Tim was with her for so many of those steps.
While neither of them were looking for love, it found them. It was no surprise that Tim fell so hard for Dee and that Dee fell for Tim. They are both incredibly giving and loving people. I have watched the two of them fall hard for each other. I have also watched Tim become a father to her little girl. When Tim decided that he could no longer live without Dee as his wife, he asked her daughter for permission. Her answer, “That would be perfect.” Yeah…are you crying yet? The ceremony was to unite the three of them together as a family. The three of them stood together throughout the ceremony with hands held while the birds chirped softly in the background. The sun slowly set and the twinkle lights turned on and we all wept tears of joy as we watched the three become one.

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