Rooted in North Carolina

I was born in North Carolina and I have made the choice to stay here. Maybe if I didn’t have so much family living here I might make another choice. My mom and dad bought a home one block away from me a couple of years ago. They spend most of their time living in this home so they can be near their children and grandchildren. My sister lives two miles away. It’s a choice we all made together. My sister and I made the choice in our thirties that we needed to be closer to share more of our lives together. I am now forty-one and couldn’t be more thankful for that decision. Besides my husband, my sister is my best friend. Who knew? Who knew that the curly headed, little monster of a sister would be this person to me? Who knew she’d ever like me after the way I brutalized her as a child? Did I say how thankful I am? Thankful for forgiveness. Thankful for sisters and thankful for family. Thankful that my husband was on-board for the transition. Everyone has a right to happiness. It’s finding what works for you…for your family. For me, I need my family close by and not just my immediate family. I need to have hugs and kisses from my nieces and nephews. I need them to know my kitchen pantry always has treats they want in there and that they feel comfortable enough to help themselves.
My grandparents lived five blocks away from me growing up and I made many a bike ride trek over there to see them. My grandfather would always give me the nod to grab the icecream out of the outside freezer so we could make our special milkshakes before talking about our days together. Grandmother was always dieting-like me now-and would quietly sit next to us while we sugared ourselves up.
Having my dad close by has been a surprise blessing for both son-in-laws. They both appreciate the novelty of my dad. They broke the mold after he was born. He’s the man you call when you have a question…when you have a problem. He will find the answer. He will bring a truck or a tool. I love looking out into my backyard on a Saturday morning and seeing my husband and dad working on a project together. Besides, somebodies got to help that husband of mine. 🙂
I am now reliving my childhood with my parents so close. My mother has every sweet imaginable available to her grandchildren and always a special treat for her girls, also. My sister and I like to treat ourselves to a Diet Dr. Pepper at mom’s house or if we are feeling especially rotten, we ask her to make us a grilled cheese sandwich. Yep, My life is full. For me, I needed my family living close to me. It makes me a better person. It makes me a better friend to my friends. It makes me thankful. I am rooted in North Carolina.
PS-I am hosting my husbands side of the family for Christmas this year! Almost everyone from both sides will be with us for Christmas this year! So thankful, for real.

9 thoughts on “Rooted in North Carolina

  1. Oh Stinky, I’m so thrilled to be your little sister and I have long ago forgiven you for any early childhood transgressions, including the haircut you gave me. Our childhood was perfect, with all the mishaps and the stumbles along the way, it’s made us who we are and we are appreciative, joy-filled adults because of it. Love you and so glad we’re all in Burvegas.

      1. I wasn’t always nice, I was more of a psychological aggressor while you were the physical aggressor, it evens out.

  2. Ha, too hilarious, bangs on the back of her head! What a nice sister to forgive you (I’d love to see a picture of that haircut) I live with my sister. When she was in the accident with her husband that killed him and left her so hurt, it was our brothers and sister, in-laws and cousins and Mom and Dad, our friends, they got us through that horrible time. Not a day goes by that we don’t remember a great story or toast him or think ‘What if…’ And I don’t ever want her to leave. She is the BEST roommate ever. I don’t know what would have happened to me if she hadn’t stuck by my side through my treatments. CHEERS to sisters!!!
    ps: Christmas sounds like it’s going to be a blast!

  3. This is wonderful, Shannon. How blessed are you? You can see the happiness oozing out of your beautiful words you use to describe your family. I am hosing Thanksgiving and am also getting excited with table settings and menu planning. 🙂

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