Cameron Garriepy is an exceptional writer and blogger.  On her blog, she has a story circle.  A writer will start a story on the first week, another writer will continue the story the next week and so on until the fourth week when another writer will write the conclusion.  It’s a fascinating process.  I was lucky to be allowed the first slot last month on the story circle.  I have read with delight each week the continuations of the story.  Today…drum roll please…the finale by none other than Cameron D Garriepy!  Enjoy!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And the finale!!!

Here’s a teaser:

The Jaguar wasn’t built for the road it met at the end of the ramp. Sully bumped along a half a mile of broken asphalt and mud road through deep evergreen forest. She kept her eyes ahead. Behind lay madness, that much was clear.


7 thoughts on “Sully-The Finale!!!!

  1. hi my new friend, i’m happy to introduce myself, writer of

    thanks andra for such a great idea, i love your blog already mrsugar ) beth

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