Recently I was sitting on a friends patio drinking a lovely glass of wine and watching the children light sparklers.  I remember vividly the apprehension I had as a child when my sweet dad would pass me a sparkler. I was the oldest in my family and I needed to be the strong one…the courageous one.  On this particular evening, a family was at the get together that I had not met before.  Their daughter was clearly terrified of the sparklers, while in contrast,  the other little girls twirled around the patio spewing a dazzling rain of light all around them.  It killed my heart watching the little girl looking longingly at the other girls.  Her father tried to help her, but she just couldn’t.  She was paralyzed with fear.  We’ve all been there.  At this point I just ached, but then I witnessed a beautiful moment.  I tried not to eaves drop, but they were directly across the table from me and I couldn’t help it.  I was invested at this point.  The mother had her daughter quietly to herself and I could hear the little girl talking to her mom in a low whisper about how scared she was of the sparklers.  Then I heard a wise momma say to her little girl, “There’s nothing wrong with you being scared, but I don’t want for us to leave here tonight and have you wishing you had tried.  I don’t want you to feel regret.”  Huh?  Did this intelligent woman just have an adult conversation with her eight year old about fear?  I gulped more of my wine down and tried not to look at them.  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that the little girl was really taking in her mother’s words and mulling them over.  Moments later this little girl was apprehensively lighting her sparkler with her dad and then the magic happened.  She beamed!  She joined the girls with the twirling and the rain of light continued.  

Overcoming fear…perhaps the toughest, but wow it’s beautiful to witness.  

15 thoughts on “Overcoming Fear

  1. Wow…loved the story!
    Strangely I was just investigating my terrifically paralysing fear of insects…and I actually found a FB page where there were over 2000 people with the same fear! Happy..that what it felt like. But that’s besides the point.

    What struck me was how wonderfully wonderful that mother was..she at that moment remembered that her child..even if she was little girl was worthy of being spoken to with love and compassion and as an “adult”…she respected her daughter’s fears and at the same time encouraged her to make the choice. No forcing, no laughing at…

  2. A beautiful post capturing the process of a child overcoming her fear. It is the mom who handled this delicate moment with calm and wisdom.
    Thanks and regards.

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