Two Weeks To Go!

So the countdown is really official today! Two weeks from today I will be celebrating Christmas day, with most of my family on both sides, and in my home. Since I am struggling some with keeping up this season, I am going to stop and take a breather this moment and just think about this.
First and foremost, I will remember the reason for this season. I will look forward to singing “Silent Night” at my church on Christmas Eve and once again be struck by the love I feel for my family, my friends and most importantly God.
Christmas morning I will rise before everyone else and run downstairs to start the coffee and a fire in the fireplace. I will quietly start pulling things out for brunch and during this time my precious nieces and nephews will start appearing on the stairs with hair all a mess and excitement on their faces. I will try my best to stop them from looking at everything until I get grandparents and parents down for the festivities. By the time everyone is sitting around my living room, I will be wide awake and most likely setting up a Mimosa and Bloody Mary station. (and probably mixing up one for myself) Dylan-my oldest nephew will most likely be in charge of passing out presents while I continue to run back and forth between the kitchen and living room. I will be grinning from ear to ear and wearing my mother’s kitchen apron from the seventies. My house will be open at 10am for friends and family to join us for coffee and drinks. My dad will show up around that time to start making waffles. My dad has made waffles for me every Christmas. I have wonderful memories from my childhood of my sister and I dancing with him in the kitchen listening to Christmas music, while he destroyed my mom’s kitchen making them. He’ll most likely be wearing his red tie with the reindeer on it that he’s always worn on Christmas.
Brunch starts at 11am and my sister’s family will join us. Mom hopefully will have made it over by then, too. (She moves a little slower than the rest of us these days). We will spend the next few hours eating until we can’t eat anymore, and hugging and thanking each other. So as I struggle with keeping my spirit strong and my smile sincere, I will think of what awaits…Two weeks to go!

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