I know. I know.  It’s not what Christmas is all about, but isn’t it fun to give gifts?  It’s certainly awesome to receive them.  Last night I met up with some of my close girlfriends and exchanged a few gifts.  As usual, I was overwhelmed with their generosity.  I look forward to having friend time so I can refill my cup.  It’s like the ending of the movie, “The Grinch”, when his heart beats wildly out of his chest and his smile grows larger and into his eyes.  That’s how I feel after having friend time.  So thank you friends.  You make my life even happier and even more wonderful.  I am blessed to have you in my life.

So as I was checking out my “loot” last night, I thought it would make a fun post.  What gifts have you purchased thus far or received that you just think are the bomb?  In review of last night’s gift giving, I received a fabulous Christmas cookbook by Nigella Lawson, a hilarious book by Amy Sedaris on holiday hosting, a unicorn sticker, a lovely “fireside scented” candle, a J Crew necklace, some Philosophy body wash, an individual cow printed frother and some Chai Latte tea. I am feeling spoiled today just typing this down.  My friends are really awesome.

I was really excited to see that my Amazon shipment had arrived yesterday when I got home from work.  It was filled with books by many of the bloggers I follow.  I am gifting many of those this year, too.  I keep meaning to write some reviews, but I don’t want to half ass them, which is what I have been doing on my blog this month.  I know, it’s terrible, but I work retail and the past three weeks have been a little difficult, so I would prefer to properly review them when I am not so flustered.

Other thoughts?  I have lots of fabulous candles that I am giving out this year.  Just remember to be careful with scents when you are giving them as gifts.  I try to pay attention to the candles my friends have in their homes and keep a mental note for future gift giving.  Most of my friends love to cook, men and women, so cookbooks are always welcome in my crowd.  Special salts and olive oils go over great for your foodie friends.  As many of you know, I love wine.  Yes I do, and most of my friends do, too.  I only purchase wine from the locally owned shops when it comes to gift giving.  It feels more personal and it supports someone in our community that I already feel connected with, so wine is the deal.  Of course, homemade is always the best.  I love when someone brings me something that they have cooked, baked or crafted.  I rarely do this myself during the holidays, but it’s so special when people do this.  Bravo to those of you that do.  Please put me on your list. 🙂  I like everything.

So the holidays are here and it’s Friday!  I actually have tomorrow off and I am going to use it wisely.  I am going to drink some wine with friends and maybe wrap some gifts.  How’s your gift giving going?

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12 thoughts on “Gift Giving

  1. That’s amazing to have a Saturday off during the holidays! Yay! Those gifts look quite lovely. I’m looking forward to getting a few things from my list like some crazy comfy slippers, jigsaw puzzles & books! I’m a bit behind on the gift buying but we have our big family xmas get together on the 29th this year, so I have plenty of time! Have a great day tomorrow!

  2. Lovely friends you have! I’m doing a crafting party tonight so everyone can make a home made gift or two for someone on their list. We can take other peoples crafts or…FIGHT! Just kidding. I have a few VERY talented people coming. I wouldn’t wish whatever I end up making on anybody. It’s the McGuyver crafting party. You get a pretty box filled with ‘things’ like embroidery floss, felt, brads, rhinestones and rocks and pretty papers and…things. With this you make ‘something’. I am also supplying the glue gun, macaroni and gold paint that will no doubt comprise the entirety of my contribution. yarg…why did I think this was a good idea!?

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