I have not had Christmas week off in thirteen years.  Last week, I took off Monday through Friday.  It was wonderful.  I hosted my husbands family at my home and my family lives close by.  Everyone arrived on Christmas Eve and we went to the Spontaneous Christmas Pageant at my church.  The children can choose whether they want to be an angel, a shepherd or a king.  My nieces have always before chosen the angel part, but this year they switched it up and were shepherds.  Aren’t they adorable?

My father-in-law and I had a great time, too!



After church we loaded up and went to my sister’s house a couple of miles away and had an amazing dinner prepared by my brother.  My dad read “The Night Before Christmas” to the children from my childhood book and we gave thanks for good health in the family this year.  I love tradition.


Since I don’t have children of my own, it’s really special to see the children first thing in the morning checking out their loot that Santa left them.  This is my Isabelle:



I had all of the leaves in my table in anticipation of our annual Christmas brunch at my house.  I don’t do anything fancy for Christmas brunch.  I serve eggs, sausage, quiches, grits, biscuits, and this year….My daddy brought back his waffle making tradition.  My dad was the best addition to the tradition.  Growing up daddy always made waffles on Christmas morning.  It was fun to have him beside me in the kitchen at his waffle station and honestly he helped out quite a bit with some emergency stirring on my side. 🙂  Thanks Dad!


The coffee and cider station was a hit.  I think I made 6 pots of coffee on Christmas day!  We were all crazy caffeinated.  



The champagne cocktail station:


And of course, it’s really important to stay hydrated. 
2013 was good to me. Thirteen is my lucky number. I am thankful.

6 thoughts on “Thirteen Is My Lucky Number

  1. What a wonderful Christmas you and your family had! It’s lovely to see the pictures-thank you for sharing! I especially love the little shepherds. Those smiles are beyond words…Hugs and love to all in the New Year! Happy happy joy joy!!!

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