Hmmm…where do I start. I guess I will start with how the Secret Santa happened in the first place. Due to my love of wine, I follow a lot of wine bloggers and sometimes, I not only like or comment on them, I actually participate. Jeff, of had this wonderful post: In short, he invited those who were up to the challenge to send a lovely wine to someone he would choose in America. Woo Hoo for Secret Santa winos. This was definitely for me. I thought hard about what I would send, and felt good about what I sent to my secret santa. I began to get excited about what surprise I would receive in the mail. A couple of days before Christmas, it arrived! Check out the blog of this duo: They had visited my site and knew that I loved Pinot Noir and that I loved to support local and used that as a guideline. Oh…this wine, so wonderful. I waited for the right moment to open it. I waited for a special night with my wino friends to open this bottle. My palette is far from perfect and I asked everyone for their opinions as we all took our first sip. Immediately, and in unison, was a big, Yum. Next was the pepper. Everyone tasted the pepper. My sister immediately pointed out how nice the earthiness of the wine was and another thought they tasted currant. It wasn’t currant, but it was Raspberry and dark cherry. It was really good. The only problem was that we only had one bottle of it. The wine is 70% Cabernet Franc and 30% Merlot. At 40.00 per bottle, it’s not your everyday wine, but I might order a bottle for Valentine’s dinner with the hubs. Cadia 2011 is a bottle you should try. My review…It’s Yummy! Thank you!

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