My Maple Tree

In my front yard lives this maple tree. It beckons me in the spring and fall to climb up into its majestic arms. I am approaching 6 years of living in this home and I have yet to answer her call. As the weather has continued to plummet, I am saddened as I watch her slumbering naked in the yard. Her leaves have long since fallen to the ground. Her skin reveals years of time on this earth. She stands strong accepting the added wrinkles and marks of the life she has lived. Yesterday, I watched her welcome a lonesome winter bird of some sort. The air was warmer and this lovely bird sang softly to the tree as if she was thanking her for the companionship. I am enchanted by my maple tree.

4 thoughts on “My Maple Tree

  1. ooh, she looks perfect for climbing doesn’t she? I had a mulberry tree I used to sit in everyday. At least I think it was a mulberry. Some kind of fruit tree…I loved it!

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