How Do You Relax?
Most of my friends are under the illusion that I am an extrovert. I have a tendency to talk a little too much when I am with people, especially if I have had any coffee. I was a cheerleader in high school, too. So it makes sense that people could think this about me. The truth is that I relish my alone time.
This past weekend, my husband was out of town. Friday night I rushed from work to the local Co-op and picked up some yummies, listened to a couple of songs by a local band playing there and then rushed home to feed and play with Mr. Sugarbears. I prepared myself a plate of crackers, cheese, pepper jelly and a couple of slices of Giacomo’s hot Soppresata. It was delicious. I snuggled with Mr. Sugarbears for a while and then decided to call my sister. She had company in for the weekend and I wanted to see them for a few minutes. I pulled a good cabernet out of my stock and threw it in my purse. I had a good hour of visiting, watching the kiddos run wild playing with there friends, and I had a glass of wine with my sister and friends. It was just enough interaction to fill my cup.
The following morning, I found myself in new territory. The house was quiet and I really had little scheduled. I tiptoed downstairs and put on a pot of coffee and fed Mr. Sugarbears. After pouring myself a decadent treat, I returned to bed. I turned on my bedside lamp and pulled out my laptop. I spent the next few hours reading, writing and sipping on coffee. I had a small commitment to help my friend’s daughter start a traveling blog, so I finally put myself in the shower and dressed. I spent a few hours with Ella creating her private travel blog and snacking on yummy cured Italian meat and brie. Afterwards, I stopped by to check on my parents and to visit a little. After the visit I realized that I was done for the day and it was only 2:00. I went home and went back to writing and reading and a little bit of cleaning. It was perfect. I think I am going to do great one day when I retire. 🙂
I made the mistake of turning on the TV sometime later in the evening and found a movie starting that I just could not resist watching. I don’t know if anyone else reading this had a passion for VC Andrews books in the eighties, but I did. I loved her books. Sometime in the late eighties or early nineties, a movie was made about her first book, “Flowers in the Attic.” I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this movie. It was my first experience watching a movie that had been made from a book that I knew of…and I was terribly disappointed. It was crushing. Since then I have had many of these experiences. We all have. It’s hard to recreate in a movie the fantasy worlds that have come from a writers mind and even harder to make it work for all of the readers imaginations. Occasionally, I am blown away with the way a book was recreated on the screen. So Saturday night, I saw a quick preview for “Flowers in the Attic” that was getting ready to start. It was new. It had Ellen Burstyn and Heather Graham in it. Surely, this second attempt to recreate VC Andrews book on screen would be a winner. A few minutes into the movie, I knew I had been duped again, but instead of turning it off…I watched the movie in its entirety. Another two hours of my life wasted.
Sunday morning I started my day in a similar manner with my dessert coffee, reading and writing. It was heaven. Mr. Sugarbears spent a lot of time quietly hanging out with me, too. I invited my sister and her friend over for an afternoon glass of wine and some yummies to snack on. I had a Boucheron, a Brie and a stinky Blue with honey drizzled all over it. My intention was to serve a fruit tart with the cheese, but the dough did not cooperate in time, so I was forced to have it all to myself later in the day. The perfect weekend for this introvert was filled with reading, writing and cooking. My cup has been replenished. How was your weekend?

11 thoughts on “The Perfect Weekend for an Introvert

    1. Thanks. I really needed a little time to myself this past weekend. I feel more like myself this week. 🙂
      I am still thinking about your story with the man on the train. 🙂

  1. I also came across, Flowers in the Attic and watched it!! I was disappointed but mostly disturbed with the whole story line, it brought back memories of when I read the book. Heavy stuff, especially the grandmother. Sounds like a great mix of a weekend for you. Mas Brie por favor! 🙂

    1. i get it and that is exactly what i need to do when i need to recharge. then i am good to go out into the world again once more. did you ever read my post called, ‘shhhh’, it’s all about the book i read called ‘quiet’, where i learned that i was truly an introvert. as for the stranger on the train, i have never forgotten that day –

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