Last night I had the privilege of attending Don Marlowe’s art exhibit at the Graham Arts Council.  I have purchased a few of his pieces over the years, but I have never had the opportunity to view all of his works on display at the same time.  The diversity and range of his pieces definitely offers something for everyone.  For me, I am enamored by them all.  I like my art like my furniture…eclectic.  I’ll start with my favorite piece of the night.  This piece is called “Persephone” and I am putting it on my list of things I really want and need to buy.  After telling him how much I loved it last night, he told me he had won an award for it.  Clearly, I have great taste in art. 🙂 

I was an art major, long before I went to design school, and my passion for art has been mostly life long.  Unfortunately, I found in art school that my talent to draw and paint was far beneath my eye for its beauty, so I changed things up a bit. I have a desire to fill all my walls with great, personal art. I have a decent collection started, by my personal standards, which basically just rules out hanging anything that I haven’t bought from an artist I have met. Some of the pieces may have cost as little as 5.00, but it somehow spoke to me at some point in my life. These are two of Don’s most recent works. They are a close second to Persephone. You see another side of this artist in these pieces.
These next two are of his daughters. They graced the hallway walls in an old barnhouse that he converted into a living space. You can’t help but want a friendship with this artist. He’s just that interesting.
The exhibit was very personal, from the choices of pieces displayed, to the open arms and sincerity of the artist. To my delight, the venue was packed with jovial patrons. With weather outside in the teens, it was all the more impressive that such a large crowd was drawn. It just goes further to validate my feelings on the talent of this artist and the hospitable nature of a Georgian man turned North Carolinian. The following is a little more of a taste of the exhibit:








I was disappointed in myself that I had not taken the time to visit the local Alamance Arts Council. The arts council is located in an orginal Queen Anne House. There’s an incredibly interesting history worth reading here:
We were greeted by one of the volunteers with a large, happy grin and a wealth of knowledge to guide us. To our right was a musician playing beautifully and beckoning us into the show. In the original Queen Anne dining room was an antique table overflowing with delicious nibblies and wine and beer on the sideboard.
And finally Don Marlowe! (With my friend Jennifer)
For the love of art, go see him and check out his sweet, red, Converse sneakers.

6 thoughts on “For the Love of Art

    1. Most definitely! I have been thinking about making another visit to our NC Museum of Art in Raleigh. They have extended the Porsche exhibit to Feb. 2nd. My dad might have to visit this one with me. 🙂

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