Friday, I had the girls over for a little crafting and coffee time. It’s important to me that I make time for the special friends in my life. Like most things in life, you need to nourish your relationships.

I've decided to plan more "Feelin' It Friday" days in the future. I'll try and mix it up each time with the girls. It is all about what I'm feelin' like doing at the time. Maybe next time we'll make homemade vanilla. I've wanted to do that for a while now and have not made the time to do it.
I'm never bored in my life, there's just too much to do. So many times, I get caught up with the ordinary stuff; laundry and keeping up your home can keep me pretty busy and then there's my job…that's really most of my time. Cooking alone could keep me busy for a lifetime, but due to the fact my rear-end would be immense if I continued on that path, I try to keep it to just meals with the family. Sometimes, I just want to paint and craft and doing that with friends and a bottle of Prosecco is even better. Hence the beginning of "Feelin' it Friday" has begun.

7 thoughts on “Feelin’ It Friday

  1. Lovely idea! Feelin’ it Friday sounds like it should catch on! I’m in here on the West Coast! I think it’s time to make some plans for decorating some pots for flowers on the deck. Great idea to get together!

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