A Little Sunshine from the Mailbox

The sound of sleet lulled me to bed last night. I set my alarm earlier than usual in anticipation of another mess. I mentally prepared myself for the inevitable, thick sheet of ice that would no doubt blanket my vehicle in the a.m.
Schick, Schick, Schick. I listen from underneath my covers, as B scrapes the ice off of his windshield. It goes on for so long that I think he must have moved on to my vehicle. Groaning as I anticipate the alarm sounding any second. I curl into a fetal position and try to think about good things. “It’s not Monday. I have no obligations after work today. Surely, this ice storm is the end of winter…” The alarm blast interrupts my train of thought and once again I groan, but this time, I know I have to get up. I drag my feet to the linen closet and grab out a towel and washcloth. I sleepwalk to the shower and turn the water on to a nice, steamy hot. Halfway through the shower I am alert and trying to fight off any negative thoughts. Still they try their best to steal their way in. After dressing and attending to Mr. Sugarbears, I unlock the door to warm the car. “Crap.” My car is encased in ice. I begin the task of scraping the ice while the car struggles to warm. I pray the vehicle has enough time for the seat warmers to do their job. The gray sky and cold weather are not helping my mood.
Once at work I realize that 90% of my co-workers have called in that they will be late. “Dang it.”
I’m just over it. Like many, I am just over the cold. Over the ice. Over the school closings. Over it.
For this, I feel a little like as &^%$. Even my bible study was cancelled, postponed and cancelled again this month. Just a few weeks ago we had a beautiful day. I spent the day cleaning off the screened-in porch, cleaning out pots and prepping the yard for a little spring love. I’m just ready for a change. It’s time for the season to change.
At lunch I trekked through the parking lot to my car, drove home to heat up soup and zoned out on the TV for twenty minutes. Gray still. I have the blahs. I struggle with my customer service skills all afternoon. At the end of the work day, I walk out to a teaser pink and gray sky. The setting sun gives me a pinch of what I need. I decide that we must have Brinner. For those of you who don’t know the slang, it’s breakfast for dinner. I make a large pan of sausage and eggs, a pot of cheesy grits and cinnamon toast in the oven. As the smell of dinner cooking softens my mood, I see the day’s mail on the kitchen island. How had I overlooked the bright pink packaging? Ahhhhh, my Birchbox arrived. I continue to whisk the grits and stir the sausage and eggs, all the while distracted by the box. Finally, brinner is ready and I prepare our plates. Before I dig in, I grab the scissors and open the package. My eyes are immediately drawn to the Ghirardelli package, it’s a new flavor, Cherry Tango with dark chocolate and tangy cherries. Yummy. Next I pick up the bottle of Detangler and then the tinted moisturizer. The perfume sample is described as sparkling cherry blossom with romantic vanilla and musk. That sounds delicious. I’d like to spray that taste into my mouth. Lastly, there is some nice body lotion and some fancy, sugar-free mints. I can’t wait to try it all, but my plate is waiting for me. B has started a nice fire while I have been cooking and I long to sit in front of it. I devour my brinner and soak in the warmth from the fire. In the background, Johnny Swimm is playing. I can’t help but smile. My grin grows larger and larger. It took all day, but my mojo is coming back. It all started with a little sunshine from the mailbox.
Do you Birchbox? See my previous post for more information on Birchbox. https://mrsugarbears.com/?s=Ten+Dollars+per+Month

The Joys of WInter

The Joys of WInter

Frustration. There’s a lot of it going around. We are in the middle of March and the weather station is predicting another major ice storm tomorrow. Ugh. Last week we had one and it wrecked our city. Every street in town has been reduced to one way traffic from all of the debris clean-up. 500,000 people were without power. One of my co-workers had a tree fall on his home. It was so big that he and his family have been relocated. The foundation may have been cracked, which will mean the house has to come down. Along with many others, I had to throw out everything that was in my freezer and my refrigerator. But I, along with many others were spared from the worst of it. I am thankful.
Last Friday, in the early am, when the power went out, my husband and I loaded the car and left. We really had no clue that the after effects of the ice storm would be so harsh. We had non-refundable tickets to Snowshoe, West Virginia. The drive was a little sketchy for the first two hours. There were a lot of trees down and a lot of ice and snow on the roads.
We arrived at the Top of the Mountain for check-in a little early, but too late to get any skiing time in, so we settled in our condo and then went to our favorite restaurant in the village. We love Foxfire Grill. They are consistently good. I shared a buffalo chicken dip with B and then had the truffle ravioli entrΓ©e. Two Blue Moon beers later and a cleaned plate, all I could do was just appreciate the view. We were both zonked from the drive and full from the dinner and beer. It was an early night for us.
Saturday morning we set out to enjoy the day. It was clear and sunny and the snow was still powdery. Heavenly. It was also Ballhooter weekend, which is spring break weekend. It’s been a long time since I have been on spring break. πŸ™‚ It was nice that I was carded everywhere that I went. They had a rail jam competition by Shaver’s Center that was really fun to watch. I do not have the kahoonas for action like that. Kudos to the girls, I watched. I was a little taken a back with the girl who chose to wear a bikini bottom during the competition, though. Kahoonas.
Saturday night, OAR played live in the village, following a great DJ. We made it until around 9 when we decided the Carolina game was calling us back to the condo.
Sunday morning we packed up and made the trek back home. Our power had been off all weekend, but luckily it had come back on before we got home. I spent Sunday evening cleaning out the fridge and making a list of condiments to replace. I am really not complaining, we got off easy in comparison.
Yesterday, we woke up early and took off to Banner Elk. We decided to meet some friends at Sugar mountain for a half day of skiing and snowboarding. We just had to enjoy the last bit of snow in our state before we pull out the spring clothes. It was slushy, but still fun. We ended the day with dinner at Bistro Roca in Blowing Rock. Yummy! I shared the lobster macaroni and cheese with B and then I had the monk fish special for dinner. It was great, but the true masterpiece of the night was the short rib manicotti. Thank goodness for family style dining with friends. πŸ™‚ It’s more like a tasting menu, my favorite. It was my second time visiting Bistro Roca and once again, it did not disappoint. They always have multiple fires throughout the restaurant, too. It’s a great foodie spot to put on your list.
I’m ready for spring, like most people, but it’s nice when you can appreciate the joys of winter.

Talking Poop and Thankfulness

Ahhhhhhh Friday is Good

After experiencing a lot of technological frustration over the last month, things are looking up for me. Okay, sometimes I have to remind myself that I blog because it’s fun. It’s an outlet that I need, so I should never look at any challenges it may bring to me as anything but an awesome learning experience.
This morning I was contacted by wordpress support and they were able to find my lost post and I was able to renew it. I allowed myself to feel devastated before that it had disappeared. Not because I couldn’t re-enter the post, but because you kind people had commented on it and I wanted that back. Well, it’s back. Thanks to Kardotim at the support forum. I have thanked him for his diligence and I am reminded by another blogger “digital catharsis” that this was a test that I didn’t score well on, but life is about learning. Sometimes it’s learning to keep our emotions in check. So after getting that back up this morning, I thought to myself, “This day is going to rock”! No doubt about it.
Today was Mr. Sugarbears annual exam at the vet, and after our visit last year, I was concerned. The reason? I was scolded (with a smile) about Mr. Sugarbears weight. Okay, I am a positive reinforcement mom. I believe it works best in all scenarios, but in this case, I needed to re-think it. When the doctor told me his concerns about what obesity can cause in dogs…I lost it. Well, not really, but I felt really upset with myself. This dog, this baby of mine brings me nothing but joy, and I was putting his health in jeopardy. One year later, we arrived at the vets office for a visit. Mr. Sugarbears was excited, as always. He ran and pulled me to get into the door, to love the girls up front. He just loves it there. The one caveat is that they have never been able to do a fecal exam on him. I always have to bring in a “sample” for them to check. This morning, Mr. Sugarbears wasn’t ready to poop. I tried everything I could think of, but he just couldn’t go. It’s not his fault. I get it.
I explained to the girls and told them I would really like to help if they would let me. I didn’t want the liability concern for them. I was allowed to help them by loving on Mr. Sugarbears and getting him to roll over for them and other than a quick yelp of concern, we did it! I mean, I get that he doesn’t want anything entering his rear, but his health is my primary concern! So after that, he had a treat and then we went on to vaccines and having blood drawn and even the 3 year rabies update was today. Mr. Sugarbears was a trooper! He kept a smile on his face 90% of the time and he still was happy hanging out afterwards. Yay! The best part was being told that he had lost 12 pounds over the last year! He totally gets a gold star! They would still like for us to continue dieting and hopefully losing at least another 10 pounds over the next year. Okay, we’ll keep at it. He loves sweet potato treats and the vet recommended we try baby carrots, also. “Will do, sir”.
So now we are back home and he’s smiling and chilling. The snow is finally gone and most of the debris from the terrible ice storm last week has been picked up on my street. The sun is shining and the weekend has begun.
Mostly, I am just thankful today. I am thankful that my dog has a clean bill of health. I am thankful that my family is healthy at this time. I am thankful that people, like you, take time out of their hectic lives to read my thoughts.
Ahhhhh Friday is good. Yeah, this post was talking about poop and thankfulness. You’re welcome. Haha-I hope you will come back again. I rarely talk about poop. I promise. πŸ™‚

Lazy Weekends, Few & Far Between

Last weekend was one of those weekends that little was planned. Odd for me, since I am the crazy, planner of the family. The only thing that was on the calendar was a visit from the in-laws and dog-sitting one of Mr. Sugarbears best friends.
So Friday night when I got off of work at 6, I decided to swing by the local Co-op to pick up a few things. Pippa Hoover was playing there for the first time. She is an Indie/Cellist with an awesome folksy sound. She was accompanied by a man on acoustic guitar. I decided to linger and have a Duck Rabbit beer. It’s really nice that you can buy an individual beer or a $4.00 glass of wine on Friday nights at the Company Shops.
Of course, I’m not afraid to pull a cheeseboard and knife out of my bag after purchasing some of their glorious cheese either. So after watching them for a few songs, my husband texted me a picture of a roaring fire from our house. He’s good at catching my attention. He always has been. πŸ™‚
The in-laws showed up Saturday morning with an amazing, love gift. I had mentioned last year how I wanted a double Adirondack chair to my husband…and my father-in-law spent a multitude of hours making me one. Isn’t this beautiful? I plan on planting my tush on it for many years to come.


Sunday morning came and the hubs and I decided to go out for breakfast. Mine consisted of hollandaise sauce, egg, potato latke and spinach. It’s my belief that the spinach made the whole thing good nutrition. πŸ™‚ Isn’t that right? That’s how it works right? Balance.
Sunday night Samantha went home, but not before she and Mr. Sugarbears let the whole neighborhood know that they ruled it. He truly loves Samantha and she seems to feel the same way. I am thankful that her owners let them play often. Yeah, Todd and Bekah-you both rock!
So it’s Wednesday, and we are nearing another great weekend. Plans anyone?