Last weekend was one of those weekends that little was planned. Odd for me, since I am the crazy, planner of the family. The only thing that was on the calendar was a visit from the in-laws and dog-sitting one of Mr. Sugarbears best friends.
So Friday night when I got off of work at 6, I decided to swing by the local Co-op to pick up a few things. Pippa Hoover was playing there for the first time. She is an Indie/Cellist with an awesome folksy sound. She was accompanied by a man on acoustic guitar. I decided to linger and have a Duck Rabbit beer. It’s really nice that you can buy an individual beer or a $4.00 glass of wine on Friday nights at the Company Shops.
Of course, I’m not afraid to pull a cheeseboard and knife out of my bag after purchasing some of their glorious cheese either. So after watching them for a few songs, my husband texted me a picture of a roaring fire from our house. He’s good at catching my attention. He always has been. 🙂
The in-laws showed up Saturday morning with an amazing, love gift. I had mentioned last year how I wanted a double Adirondack chair to my husband…and my father-in-law spent a multitude of hours making me one. Isn’t this beautiful? I plan on planting my tush on it for many years to come.


Sunday morning came and the hubs and I decided to go out for breakfast. Mine consisted of hollandaise sauce, egg, potato latke and spinach. It’s my belief that the spinach made the whole thing good nutrition. 🙂 Isn’t that right? That’s how it works right? Balance.
Sunday night Samantha went home, but not before she and Mr. Sugarbears let the whole neighborhood know that they ruled it. He truly loves Samantha and she seems to feel the same way. I am thankful that her owners let them play often. Yeah, Todd and Bekah-you both rock!
So it’s Wednesday, and we are nearing another great weekend. Plans anyone?

6 thoughts on “Lazy Weekends, Few & Far Between

  1. Always love hearing what is going on in your life Shannon. We start dog sitting as well on Fri for ten days. Stay cation for us until mid year. Keith turns 50 this year and I turn 40. The end of July we fly to Paris and then fly to Barcelona to set sail on a Mediterranean cruise so we are saving like crazy. Love u.

  2. Yay, I’ve been missing your blog! I have some fun plans this weekend, a little cooking, a little drinking and a lot of playing with the squishies. Life is good:)

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