Ahhhhhhh Friday is Good

After experiencing a lot of technological frustration over the last month, things are looking up for me. Okay, sometimes I have to remind myself that I blog because it’s fun. It’s an outlet that I need, so I should never look at any challenges it may bring to me as anything but an awesome learning experience.
This morning I was contacted by wordpress support and they were able to find my lost post and I was able to renew it. I allowed myself to feel devastated before that it had disappeared. Not because I couldn’t re-enter the post, but because you kind people had commented on it and I wanted that back. Well, it’s back. Thanks to Kardotim at the support forum. I have thanked him for his diligence and I am reminded by another blogger “digital catharsis” that this was a test that I didn’t score well on, but life is about learning. Sometimes it’s learning to keep our emotions in check. So after getting that back up this morning, I thought to myself, “This day is going to rock”! No doubt about it.
Today was Mr. Sugarbears annual exam at the vet, and after our visit last year, I was concerned. The reason? I was scolded (with a smile) about Mr. Sugarbears weight. Okay, I am a positive reinforcement mom. I believe it works best in all scenarios, but in this case, I needed to re-think it. When the doctor told me his concerns about what obesity can cause in dogs…I lost it. Well, not really, but I felt really upset with myself. This dog, this baby of mine brings me nothing but joy, and I was putting his health in jeopardy. One year later, we arrived at the vets office for a visit. Mr. Sugarbears was excited, as always. He ran and pulled me to get into the door, to love the girls up front. He just loves it there. The one caveat is that they have never been able to do a fecal exam on him. I always have to bring in a “sample” for them to check. This morning, Mr. Sugarbears wasn’t ready to poop. I tried everything I could think of, but he just couldn’t go. It’s not his fault. I get it.
I explained to the girls and told them I would really like to help if they would let me. I didn’t want the liability concern for them. I was allowed to help them by loving on Mr. Sugarbears and getting him to roll over for them and other than a quick yelp of concern, we did it! I mean, I get that he doesn’t want anything entering his rear, but his health is my primary concern! So after that, he had a treat and then we went on to vaccines and having blood drawn and even the 3 year rabies update was today. Mr. Sugarbears was a trooper! He kept a smile on his face 90% of the time and he still was happy hanging out afterwards. Yay! The best part was being told that he had lost 12 pounds over the last year! He totally gets a gold star! They would still like for us to continue dieting and hopefully losing at least another 10 pounds over the next year. Okay, we’ll keep at it. He loves sweet potato treats and the vet recommended we try baby carrots, also. “Will do, sir”.
So now we are back home and he’s smiling and chilling. The snow is finally gone and most of the debris from the terrible ice storm last week has been picked up on my street. The sun is shining and the weekend has begun.
Mostly, I am just thankful today. I am thankful that my dog has a clean bill of health. I am thankful that my family is healthy at this time. I am thankful that people, like you, take time out of their hectic lives to read my thoughts.
Ahhhhh Friday is good. Yeah, this post was talking about poop and thankfulness. You’re welcome. Haha-I hope you will come back again. I rarely talk about poop. I promise. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Talking Poop and Thankfulness

  1. Who are we kidding? We all love to talk bathroom talk. Poop is such a fun word to say! Glad your baby has lost weight and is on the right track. And I’m glad you got the technical issues worked out. What a pain! 🙂

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