The Joys of WInter

Frustration. There’s a lot of it going around. We are in the middle of March and the weather station is predicting another major ice storm tomorrow. Ugh. Last week we had one and it wrecked our city. Every street in town has been reduced to one way traffic from all of the debris clean-up. 500,000 people were without power. One of my co-workers had a tree fall on his home. It was so big that he and his family have been relocated. The foundation may have been cracked, which will mean the house has to come down. Along with many others, I had to throw out everything that was in my freezer and my refrigerator. But I, along with many others were spared from the worst of it. I am thankful.
Last Friday, in the early am, when the power went out, my husband and I loaded the car and left. We really had no clue that the after effects of the ice storm would be so harsh. We had non-refundable tickets to Snowshoe, West Virginia. The drive was a little sketchy for the first two hours. There were a lot of trees down and a lot of ice and snow on the roads.
We arrived at the Top of the Mountain for check-in a little early, but too late to get any skiing time in, so we settled in our condo and then went to our favorite restaurant in the village. We love Foxfire Grill. They are consistently good. I shared a buffalo chicken dip with B and then had the truffle ravioli entrΓ©e. Two Blue Moon beers later and a cleaned plate, all I could do was just appreciate the view. We were both zonked from the drive and full from the dinner and beer. It was an early night for us.
Saturday morning we set out to enjoy the day. It was clear and sunny and the snow was still powdery. Heavenly. It was also Ballhooter weekend, which is spring break weekend. It’s been a long time since I have been on spring break. πŸ™‚ It was nice that I was carded everywhere that I went. They had a rail jam competition by Shaver’s Center that was really fun to watch. I do not have the kahoonas for action like that. Kudos to the girls, I watched. I was a little taken a back with the girl who chose to wear a bikini bottom during the competition, though. Kahoonas.
Saturday night, OAR played live in the village, following a great DJ. We made it until around 9 when we decided the Carolina game was calling us back to the condo.
Sunday morning we packed up and made the trek back home. Our power had been off all weekend, but luckily it had come back on before we got home. I spent Sunday evening cleaning out the fridge and making a list of condiments to replace. I am really not complaining, we got off easy in comparison.
Yesterday, we woke up early and took off to Banner Elk. We decided to meet some friends at Sugar mountain for a half day of skiing and snowboarding. We just had to enjoy the last bit of snow in our state before we pull out the spring clothes. It was slushy, but still fun. We ended the day with dinner at Bistro Roca in Blowing Rock. Yummy! I shared the lobster macaroni and cheese with B and then I had the monk fish special for dinner. It was great, but the true masterpiece of the night was the short rib manicotti. Thank goodness for family style dining with friends. πŸ™‚ It’s more like a tasting menu, my favorite. It was my second time visiting Bistro Roca and once again, it did not disappoint. They always have multiple fires throughout the restaurant, too. It’s a great foodie spot to put on your list.
I’m ready for spring, like most people, but it’s nice when you can appreciate the joys of winter.

6 thoughts on “The Joys of WInter

    1. Like you sweet Maria, I love the sun. I am definitely in need of more vitamin D. It was nice to ski and not be cold. The sun was shining and I had rosy cheeks for dinner. Come on springtime. We’re ready!

  1. I agree, this winter has been a bear and I’m so over it that I can hardly believe we’re to receive more snow and more craziness tomorrow. Oh happy joy joy. πŸ™‚ When life hands you snow, make snow balls! πŸ™‚

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