I’ll be honest, until last year, I had never used a shoe cobbler. The truth is that I really want to take care of my things. I was certainly raised that way. I have many fond memories of watching my dad on Saturday nights carefully polish and brush his Sunday shoes in preparation for Sunday services. He would polish his shoes to a high shine and then carefully tuck them into little, fuzzy shoe socks. Me, not so much. As an adult I do own a shoe polishing kit and sometimes I even use it.
A couple of years ago I purchased my first pair of Frye boots. I was an avid follower of the Pioneer Woman. At the time, she was still somewhat ordinary like me. Now she’s on the Food Network with her own show. Anyway, I digress. Years before when Ree of Pioneer Woman was an everyday blogger…there were contests. Sometimes, she was cleaning out her closet and other times she was offering a new Kitchenaid mixer or Frye boots. I entered every contest praying I would win something fabulous. Alas, I never won, but something had happened to me. I was now in love/lust with Frye boots and had to have them. I used a part of my bonus that year to buy my first pair. I don’t think I can accurately describe my love of them. I’ll just say this…a lifetime warranty did not cover my love of wearing these shoes as often as I did. Last fall I continued to wear them, until one night when I noticed the soles and heels looked like they had been through a log chipper. I had since purchased another pair of Frye boots, but none would ever compare to my first. There was a new shoe cobbler in my neighborhood that I had not visited. As most of you know, I always want to support local business, so I thought I’d give it a try. I walked in with no expectation of having my shoes back to their original state, but I hoped that they could be repaired enough to give me one last season.
This is what the soles looked like when I entered Sykes Shoe Repair:
The young man assured me that he could bring them back to life. He told me that he needed a week to get them done. He charged me 38.00 upfront to do the job. I picked my shoes up yesterday and to my great happiness, they looked like new! He sanded and refinished the heels, put on new soles and polished out the many scratches on the leather. I teared up a little as he showed them to me.
Sykes Shoe Repair is located at 135 Oneal Street in Burlington, NC. The phone number is 336-229-7702. They repair worn-out heels, soles and partial soles on women’s and men’s shoes. They also repair luggage and handbags. Please visit them if you are a local and in need of shoe repair. My Frye boots should give me many more years of love, thanks to Sykes Shoe Repair. There’s nothing quite like your first.

5 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Quite Like Your First

  1. He also fixed a fantastic leather bag that I got on my fist trip to Italy and I was so thankful. Another repair place in town wouldn’t touch it but he made it like new! Good choice mrs sugarbears πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Bekah! I forgot about that fabulous bag you purchased in Italy. Maybe one day we can make that group trip back together. That limoncello alone would make the trip worth it 😍

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