Books are my friends. They tell me the best stories. They make me laugh and cry. They keep me in suspense. They scare the living daylight out of me sometimes. Sometimes I really learn from them. I love all types of books. I may be slightly more drawn to a particular genre, but for the most part, I want to get to know a character. I do prefer that I love the main character, but even when that’s not the case, I still usually love the book. So last year I decided to start a small book club. I found myself asking the same few people for book recommendations and asking their opinions on different authors. It just made sense that these would be the women I would ask to join me for a literary adventure. I hit the jackpot with this group. We all love to read and we all love different kinds of books. My first official book club meeting started with me passing out pages of reviews on books that I found interesting. I thought we could make a syllabus for the year of books we would read and discuss together. Yep, there’s a little bit of a control freak here. The first two or three months we went off the list, but soon found that we all read so much that it made it impossible to discuss one book per month. Last fall we met at my sister’s house for a little “Porch and Wine Time”. She had a great idea for us to bring a bag of books that we had already read-books that we really loved. We passed them around, discussed what made us love the book/author, and started a new tradition of lending and borrowing to each other. This book club has become something really awesome for me. Last week we all admitted in a group email that we all had been so busy that we had multiple books that we had started, but none of which were consistent with each other, we decided to meet and just discuss our most recent read. It was such an awesome mix of books. I just had to share.
Book One:
This book was written by Donna Tartt. About half of the group had read at least one or more of her books before. I think she has three total. The consensus was that one and three are her best works, thus far. I have only started the book and can’t give my personal review yet. I checked out the reviews on and there seems to be a lot of controversy as to whether the book is good or bad. I find it really interesting to see that the book seems to either get 5 stars or 1 star. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground. Oh well, I’m sure I will love it.
Book Two:
So Karen Joy Fowler seems to be really loved in the literary community. Most of the reviews I have read have talked about her comic genius. I’m ready for a little comedy. This may be my next book.
Book Three:
image is the blog that will tell you more about this wonderful writer. She accomplishes what I hide from-she tells it like it is. When I started my blog, I wanted it to be uplifting and always positive. I guess that’s why I haven’t written much lately. I’m not being real. Glennon Doyle Melton, I’m glad to meet you. Even if only by word. If you need a little more “real” in your life, check her blog and her book out.
Book Four:
Hahaha-I love that this book was discussed. I am totally a closet Bravo watching woman. Apparently, this book gives you a hard inside look on the abuse that was going on “behind the scenes” when Taylor was on Bravo. I don’t think I can handle that right now, but most likely I will eventually read it. My heart aches for any person that has survived abuse of any kind.
Book Five:
Yep-The Darkest Mind looks like something I will have to tackle fast. It’s a “Divergent” style of book. This is the book my sister brought to book club-we both have a real passion for dystopia. Who needs utopia? Haha.
Book Six:
Well, it’s not the most recent thing I have read, but it’s the last one I have actually finished. Andra Watkins has just published her first book and it was great. It’s one of those books that you can’t put down. You have to finish the story.
The Crew:
Can you see why I love this group? Could we have more diversity? Books-I love them all! Happy Reading!

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