Haw River Ballroom in Saxpahaw-an intimate evening with Johnny Swim.

Oh how I love this duo! A couple of months ago I saw them on “Live at Darryl’s House” on Palladia. I have been hooked ever since. Since 1984 I have been making a “Shannon Loves You Mix” and Johnny Swim is featured multiple times this year. Last week, to my delight, my husband texted me that they would be playing within 30 minutes of our house. It was all I could do to contain my enthusiasm. I immediately went online and purchased two tickets. Saturday evening we took off to the venue. The weather was ominous as we waited in the line to pick up our tickets. The sky turned black and the wind blew strong threatening to take out the umbrella for the food cart beside us. We stood firm and I did my best not to try and make friends with everyone in line with us. Yes, I am that person. Surprising? Do you need me to interrupt your conversation and grab your phone and take your picture to commemorate this momentous occasion? Probably not. πŸ™‚ Anyway, the show was amazing. It was my first time visiting the Haw River Ballroom and it did not disappoint. The old, three-story, brick building sounded great. The acoustical tile placement helped to perfectly displace the sound. Half way through the show, the duo stepped away from their band and walked out to us and sang acoustically. Yep, my band crush grew more in that moment. The couple is married. They told us about their love, the proposal, and much, much more. It was like hanging with friends. I danced so much that a space cleared around me. What can I say? I like to dance and I love good music. Watch out. We clapped and “woo hooed” our way to an encore where they sang one of my favorites. So I love them and you should check them out. Johnny Swim is on my “Shannon Loves You Mix” and most likely will be on many future mixes.

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