Mr. Sugarbears is a big dog. He’s under 100 pounds now, (thanks to his diet), but he’s still too big for most places. Most hotels and campsites don’t allow animals over 15 pounds. It makes me sad. He’s just so happy to be around people. I just don’t travel like I used to because of this. When I adopted this rescue dog I made a long-term commitment. My last rescue dog was with me for almost a decade.
Sadly, I don’t have one of those super-cool jobs that allows me to bring my dog. Fortunately, my house is close by and I am able to go home at lunch to give him hugs. I race home after work everyday to make sure he’s fed his dinner on time and has a little outside time, too. I am very happy when I have plans that allow for my dog to attend. I honestly hate leaving him. I feel a huge amount of guilt.
My niece had her final soccer game of the season a couple of weeks ago. I knew I would be able to take my sweet dog since I had seen many others at prior games. Mr. Sugarbears excitedly jumped and paced around the living room as I told him about our adventure to be. We loaded into my vehicle, rolled all of the windows down and took off. Once there it was all I could do to contain his excitement. Multiple fields were full of children, parents and animals. The weather was beautiful and there was a feeling of happiness in the air. I decided to walk Mr. Sugarbears around a little before entering the field. I wanted him to burn off a little bit of his excitement. Once we entered the field his smile continued to grow. We found the rest of our family and joined them. Most of the game Mr. Sugarbears sat calmly and let people hug and rub him. He was in heaven.
After the game he got a little “too excited” with a pretty Golden Retriever. We had to make a quick escape before Mr. Sugarbears made too much of a scene. No “Birds and Bees” talks due to my dog. (I hope anyway). Besides his moment of indiscretion, we both had a great time. Sitting on a grass field with your dog and other family members watching a game is awesome. It sure beats sitting on the sofa inside. I need these moments of peace and so does Mr. Sugarbears. Doesn’t he look happy?

4 thoughts on “Moments of Peace

  1. Awwwww! He does look peaceful and adorable. You are such a good and responsible owner and a great example to those who are not. Unfortunately, I have witnessed dog owners not taking into account their surroundings and allowing their pets to roam free because they believe it is their “right”. It makes it for a wonderful experience for all when an owner takes responsibility! 🙂

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