How Does Your Garden Grow
As a child I had no interest in gardening. My mother was an avid gardener and bird watcher. (She still is) I was well into my thirties before the gardening bug struck me. Over the years I have tried different things. I’ve never had a large garden like the one I remember loathing as a child. Most years I have had small container gardens and occasionally I even plant a few things in the ground. Last year I really wanted to try a raised bed, but it just didn’t happen. This year I decided that it was a must. As a trial, I thought I would build a small 4×4 raised bed and create a salsa garden. Once I built the raised bed and loaded it with nutrient rich soil, I was thrilled.
When we bought our house six years ago, there was a lot of work to do on the inside and the outside. In fact the backyard was so overgrown that I was actually scared of it. There was even an old shack in the back that we referred to as Freddy Kruger’s shed for the first year until we had it taken down. The original owner of the house lived in the house for fifty years and judging from the things we have unearthed over the years, she loved it. I wish I had a picture of the backyard when Mrs. Jeffrey’s lived there. I’ve unearthed hundreds of old bricks that were once pathways around the yard. I assume they led you through her beautiful gardens. After 6 years of cutting down dead trees and raking and digging…I’m still amazed every spring with what new exciting bulb sprouts from the ground. She must have had thousands of daffodils. I started making piles of bricks and other “found” items in the back of our yard from the get go. I used one of the piles of old brick to create a small walkway around my new raised bed. Of course, I thought it was perfect and the hubs thought it needed to be properly leveled. I disagreed and told him I was going for a more natural and rustic effect. He grimaced and let it go. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I came home and it was redone.
This garden, although small and more of a trial, has really given me a lot of pleasure. I look forward to watering it in the morning before I go to work. I have a routine of letting the dog out and then watering my containers on the porch, followed by watering my garden. It sits in the back of my yard. This spot was a part of the “unfinished” yard. About 1/3 of the backyard is still under our construction, but it’s come a long way. I hope to start posting some before and after pictures soon. If for no other reason, than to chronicle it for myself. I’ve watched with anticipation as each bud sprouted and now I’m eager to watch these peppers grow bigger and these tomatoes turn red. I can taste the fresh salsa already. How does your garden grow?

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