Fresh From My Garden
This year I finally built a small 4×4 raised bed garden. I filled it with peppers, tomatoes and a few herbs. I have had good luck with small containers of cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes over the last few years. This year I decided to try out a couple more types of tomatoes since I had a little more room with the raised bed. For the past week I have been giddy watching the green tomatoes sprout all over the plants. Last night I had my first ripened, yellow cherry tomatoes ready to be picked. The larger varieties of tomatoes and the red cherry tomatoes are not quite ready, but their day is coming soon.
The basil is growing so much that I have to pick a handful everyday to make sure it keeps producing. It looks like I need to invest in some pine nuts so I can start making some pesto. I don’t cook as much with basil as I used to, but it grows so easily in my yard that I have a hard time not planting it every year. There are so many herbs that I love that I have difficulty growing. It’s nice to have easy plants.
Although I was happy to pluck a few tomatoes last night, it wasn’t enough to make the tomato salad that has been calling to me. I read a wonderful tomato salad recipe yesterday. The recipe was on Food Network yesterday. It was created by the Neely family. It had two types of cherry tomatoes with fresh basil and a buttermilk sauce. The decadence of the buttermilk in the recipe intrigues me. Normally when I read a recipe, I can somewhat taste it in my mind. I’m stumped with this one. I’m guessing it will be similar to a Ranch style dressing on the tomatoes. The picture they displayed was very enticing so I have high hopes for loving this recipe.
So hopefully tonight I’ll pluck a few more tomatoes. There’s nothing like plucking something fresh from my garden.

7 thoughts on “Fresh From My Garden

  1. Very nice Shannon. Your tomatoes are ahead of mine, although Mr. Brickhouse may have just planted red and no yellows. YUMNESS. Just yesterday I mixed cherry tomatoes (not from my garden), mozzarella, basil from the garden, olive oil and a balsamic glaze! It was to die for. I will be curious as to how your recipe turns out with the buttermilk. 🙂

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