Well, I’m not a student anymore or a teacher with her summer off, but what I do have is lots more energy. The added daylight makes me so much happier. I do more in general. Mostly, I like to read on my porch after work, if possible. I’ve been slowly reading The Goldfinch, for too long. Don’t get me wrong…it’s a great book, but a long one that is a little slow to get into. Now that I am over halfway through the book, I’m hooked. I had planned on finishing it this past weekend, but I ended up playing too much. Well, maybe not too much. I just did other fun things. Tonight is my book club get together and I am disappointed that I did not finish in time to fully discuss it. Of course during the time I’ve been reading this book, I started and finished two other books.
So tonight I will admit to the group that I didn’t finish the book. Booooooo. Anyway, our assignment for tonight was to bring a list of at least two books that would make fun summer reads. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts recently on the book, The Vacationers, so I picked it up. Sisterland just looked good and so I added that to my cart. It looked so good that I think I may have already read it. Haha. Margaret Atwood has been sitting on my nightstand since Christmas, so it now has become a part of my summer reading. Really? I just can’t seem to get my reading mojo right this year. I get a little overwhelmed with the greatness of authors and books. My stacks keep growing. Last night I looked around the den that I’ve housed with a ton of my books and imagined myself being locked up in that room. How long would it take to re-read the books in there? Between the treadmill and the books, I think I would be pretty happy for a long time. I guess the need for food and water would have to come into play, but that was not part of my daydream.
If you had no obligations for the next week of your life and could relax on a screened-in porch with an oscillating fan blowing softly by you…What would you read? Would you use the time to think and write more? I’ve been a terrible writer and reader this year and I need to get it together. I’m going to take a long weekend, make a list of my writing goals and hopefully work on my summer stack. How about you?

4 thoughts on “#SummerStack

  1. I think I would try to do both – read and write more. I definitely need to read more – I used to be an avid reader, and then I slowly converted from the books to magazines and social media – not a good trait…

    1. Well, your blog is certainly well written. You clearly spend a lot of time researching your main topics; wine, food and coffee. You keep slackers, like me well versed in the three. 🙂 Thanks. I love reading your blog.

      1. ahh, thank you very much! You are way too kind to me! And yes, you are right – I do spend a lot of time (may be even too much time) with wine, food and coffee 🙂

  2. Great post! Keep reading and writing, but don’t feel the pressure to read more books. Summer is a time for more relaxation. Take care!

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