Let’s take a moment and talk about sexy. Yes, I said it. For me, it’s always been musicians. Daddy always played the best jazz and orchestra music in the house. We always had season tickets to see every band and orchestra that graced our small home town, too. Mom and dad instilled in me a true passion for music. I guess it’s no surprise that I fell hard for one of those musician guys 22 years ago. During a time in my life that I’m still not so proud of, I fell for a drummer. I spent years following him from club to club and learning how to haul and help set up drum sets. I love drummers, in particular, my B. Since I love a drummer, it’s a large part of my life. We see a lot of shows that revolve around great drummers and we subscribe to a lot of things musical. Our man’s den is a lot of fun.
Modern Drummer is a magazine that features drummers. We have subscribed to it for years. I’ve tried my best to organize B’s drum mags. Certain names have become familiar to me through B’s stories and through the magazines I’ve moved around and read. I’ve accompanied B to many shows where instead of a crowd of dancers, there are only watchers. The intricacies of the music requires complete attention. A lot of mouths, including mine are open for the entire shows. Amazing. To name a few bad ass drummers; Terry Bozzio, Stewart Copeland, Steve Gadd, Chad Smith, Vinnie Colaiuta, Neil Peart and Virgil Donati. I would even mention Phil Collins from my childhood crush. Needless to say, the music at our house is far from main stream-most of the time.
Last night we were privy to seeing Virgil Donati. It was one of those times that you feel like something must be wrong. For One, paying $20.00 to see one of the worlds greatest is slightly unusual. I’m so annoyed with seeing the astronomical ticket prices today. I’m just sayin’. Two, to see an intimate show where you can talk and shake the hand of a master without a VIP pass and three to see it all locally. It just doesn’t happen that often.
Virgil Donati is an Australian born drummer. His chops, his rhythms, his passion…oh my. He had his first drum set at age three, like my husband. Although, I doubt Virgil’s had Animal from the Muppets on them. He’s been in the states for some time now and has recorded with Steve Vai and many others. He’s someone to know if you love drumming.
Although my “older” ears aren’t as accustomed to some of the Prog rock bands that played before Virgil yesterday; I still can’t deny the talent displayed by some of the younger, local bands. Hats off to Kindler, Artilect and Hephystus Who preceded Virgil’s performance. Like many things in life, I’ve learned to appreciate different styles of music. Although I prefer my music a little less heavy these days; I can’t deny the thrill I still get when I watch a drummer in the groove. So yeah, I’m still in awe of the drummer and wow, Virgil Donati was in Greensboro yesterday. (And he shook my hand)

4 thoughts on “Virgil Donati in Greensboro

    1. Thanks Eric. I’m more of a Bela Fleck listener, but I’m always excited to watch any musician that takes their craft seriously. Virgil really did blow my mind. He’s phenomenal!

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