Just the Two of Us

Summer is such a busy time. I love the extended daylight hours, the weather and the abundance of outdoor activities. As children go back to school and the daylight hours begin to shorten, I start to look around at the aftermath of so much fun having. The laundry has reached new heights, my once compulsively organized drawers and closets are in a chaotic state, and I feel tired. It’s time to reign it all back in.
Mr. Sugarbears barked at me at 7:30 this morning to let me know that it was way past his breakfast time, so I begrudgingly got out of bed and fed my sweet dog. My husband was already up and piddling around. My dog doesn’t like it if I sleep late, especially when my husband is already up. It was strikingly refreshing that we had no plans. We had nothing weighing on us either. It was almost scary. I put on a pot of coffee and brushed my teeth in preparation of the dessert coffee I was going to treat myself. The percolator glowed orange minutes later and I knew I was going to fill my mug with half and half and sit on my porch. The humidity was absent, or maybe it just seemed absent in comparison with how muggy it’s been lately. I cuddled up on the settee with Mr. Sugarbears and took a long swig of my coffee. Two cups later I was ready for a shower and some breakfast. The weekend is my excuse to eat a big breakfast. My weekday breakfast pales in comparison to a weekend brunch.
I pumped up the Bose and went to the kitchen to start pulling out food. Donald Fagen took turns with Sting and Florence and the Machines, serenading me while I whisked eggs and cut fresh vegetables from my garden. Mr. Sugarbears and B seemed content watching from a distance. My music continued to blare and the grits bubbled vigorously on the stove. It felt good. I poured us two glasses of orange juice and filled our plates. Of course, Mr. Sugarbears had some grits, too. After brunch I looked at the mess I had made and stretched to make room for the abundance of food I had just ingested. I tackled the mess in the kitchen while B folded laundry. I put on another load of clothes and sat down. My body is full and relaxed and my dog and my husband are feeling the same. We both spent a little time putting our clothes away and tidying up. We are playing catch up and it feels great. I love those Saturday mornings that it’s just the two of us…or I guess I should say the three of us. Happy Saturday.