Before & After
Before & After

The picture above makes me happy. The picture on top is of the day we looked at the house with the owner. She walked us through the house with a walk that told you she was over showing her family home. She was over it so much that I almost felt sad for her. It can be difficult to have people walking through your home. People always seem to want perfection and when it’s not already perfect for them, they can sometimes say things that are not quite so nice. For the hubs and I, we wanted a home that needed a little updating. This home was built strong in the fifties. It had good bones. The foundation was strong. The hubs and I were excited. We wanted a house that wanted to be loved and updated. Almost six years later, we continue to make changes. We love it. I wonder if the previous owner ever drives by and smiles when she sees the love we have for the home she raised her family. I hope so.
The picture below is how the den looks now. We still have tweaks to make in this room, but for the most part, this room is refreshed. I thought it would be fun to share our journey. This house and this life are always a work in progress. What are you working on?

6 thoughts on “A Work in Progress

    1. Haha-We just had some plumbing issues recently that caused us to have a toilet sitting in a bathtub for the weekend. It was quite an adventure. Plumbing is neither of our specialties. Thank goodness for Youtube. 🙂

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