The hubs and I took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina this past weekend. We joined over twenty others to celebrate one of our favorite friends joining us in the "You're in your forties now" club. We had so much fun! We drove there on Friday and arrived around two in the afternoon. Although check-in was not until four, the wonderfully, accommodating Hilton downtown let us check-in early. We were very grateful after our five hour drive. When we checked in our hosts had left homemade Buckeye candies for each room. (Jill-you rock) Of course we had quite a few friends that had beat us there, and they were immediately texting us to join them. They were all starting the party weekend at Bay Street Biergarten. We decided we would walk there, which was fine, but we miscalculated the distance. It wasn't that far, but it was about a twenty minute walk from the hotel. By the time we got there, most of our friends were thinking about going back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I was there long enough to drink one beer and appreciate the beauty of the bar. I did not choose to eat since we were all meeting up for dinner early, but the menu looked yummy. I'm still thinking about the pimento cheese with bacon jam that was listed on their appetizer menu. Next time I will try them! I mean their menu touts the food as Bavarian inspired-Southern made, which intrigues me. After my beer, I grabbed a ride with one of my friends and headed back to the hotel, leaving the hubs to have some guy time. I had missed the window of time that would have allowed for a shower, but I did at least have time to remove my flannel shirt and jeans and put on a dress and some lipstick. My husband arrived shortly after on a bicycle rickshaw with another one of our friends.
All twenty-three of us met up at Magnolias for dinner. We had a nice dinner and then we did a little bit of exploring the local taverns before each couple did their own "Houdini" version of slipping out. We were out by ten. I know, it's embarrassing, I just find it hard to stay up after a big dinner and a couple of drinks. We were not alone though. We all talked junk to each other the following morning about it. We met up with about half of the group for breakfast. I'm sad that I cannot remember the name. I had sweet potato pancakes with an orange marmalade and pecan praline sauce. They were super yummy!
After breakfast my sister suggested we sign up for one of the historic tours by horse drawn carriage. We took a look around the city market and I purchased a few gifts to take home. We grabbed some coffee after, joined our husbands and checked in for our 11:30 tour. Dan is the name of the horse that led our carriage. He is beautiful and I had a little time to talk with him and rub his neck. Ben was our tour guide, or narrator. He was so much more than I could have asked for in a guide. He clearly loves his job, Charleston, and history in general.
Here’s me with my new friend Dan:
The weather was sunny with a little chill in the air. We had hot coffee, coats and each other to stay warm in the front of the carriage. The following are a few of the pictures I took on the tour. As you can tell from the pictures, Charleston is picturesque.
The hubs and I napped for about an hour after the tour. The guys had already looked up the local sports bars and had checked to make sure that they could all watch the Carolina game together, so we met up there around 2. B and I took a rickshaw there. I had so much fun. A lot of memories were made.
We all met for dinner at Hank’s Seafood Saturday night. I’ll be honest, the hubs and I talked for most of the prior week about how we couldn’t wait to eat raw oysters. Although the season has been here for a little while, the opportunity to eat them had not presented itself yet. I was almost swayed by the menu and the server’s recitation of the night’s special, but we both stayed steadfast with our plan to stay traditional with our orders.
First up was the She-Crab soup:
Next up we had a sampler platter of Oysters:
Ending our dinner, we had espresso and we shared a crème brulee:
After dinner we all walked around downtown. We visited places like Husk and ended our night at The Rooftop bar. I shared a bottle of champagne with my girlfriends which led to lots of flirting with my husband. I can imagine that this place would be impossible in the warmer months to find a table, but we had prime seats on the upper patio.
No doubt we will be making every effort to return to Charleston because, “Charleston, I have a crush on you.”

And coming home to Mr. Sugarbears is the best! Thanks Mahan family for taking care our baby.

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