I Feel the Light


After sharing my tale of woe at the slow progression of springs arrival, I was elated to find the weather warmer and the sun shining when I left work yesterday.  It still wasn’t the spring weather that delights me, but it wasn’t cold.  I took Mr. Sugarbears on a nice, leisurely walk and we both were the better for it.

My sweet rescue dog shares his exuberance for life and people everywhere we go.  At eighty-five pounds, he can intimidate someone who is uncomfortable with dogs, so we try our best to keep our distance unless invited.  When invited, Mr. Sugarbears most often rolls onto his back so that he can offer up his belly to be rubbed.

There is a home in my neighborhood that seems to be the gathering place for a minimum of five children every evening.  My dog has a tendency to steer me in the direction of this home every day in hopes that the children will be outside.  His face takes on the same look of extreme sadness that it does every time I leave my home when he finds the yard devoid of young folks.  Normally the sounds of their giggling takes hold of his heart before we have the yard in our sight and the tug of the leash becomes quite an undertaking to hold.  To be honest, my heart fills as I see the happy smiles on their faces as they see us walking down the street.

On my lunch break today the sun was shining and I was able to sit with my baby in the sun for about twenty minutes.  This time in the sun with Sugie was just what I needed.  I feel lighter.  I feel the light.

The Count Down is On


Spring is officially here, albeit the weather does not want to cooperate with the calendar.  We had quite a few teaser days last week that spoiled me into believing the cold weather was behind us.  I sat waterside, last Saturday, soaking in the beginnings of hope that  always seems to come with the onset of spring.  I relished the weather, the company and the view.

Of course it wasn’t meant to last, fickle spring wasn’t quite ready to grace us with her permanent presence.  She flickered between below freezing and into the high eighties this past week.  It’s enough to drive you mad.  My wardrobe is almost as confused as the flowering trees in my yard.  I made the mistake of taking all of my indoor houseplants outside last week hoping to give them a little fresh rain water and sunlight, only to forget about them.  I’m now left with the sad realization that I’ve killed all of my houseplants that struggled to maintain a life this winter in my house.  Poor babies.

I love my home but there are a few things that really bother me about it that I cannot change without investing more than I am willing to.  For instance, the lack of natural light.  I once had a client tell me that she followed the light in her house.  As I struggled to come up with a game plan for designing her home, I realized that I just needed to follow the sunlight and it would all work out.  I understand her more than ever right now as I struggle to follow the light, too.  I need the sun.

I recently had a lot of blood work done, which I’m finding just comes with aging.  There’s a battery of testing that comes after forty.  It’s so tiresome.  It’s like adding a part-time job and don’t get me started on what is covered these days by insurance.  Geez.  Anywho-back to the blood work.  Guess what they found?  I’m low in vitamin D. Well, that makes sense, I’ve been cold for months and the lack of natural light in my life has been almost unbearable.  I’m just not myself without time in the sun.

As much as I dread the time change in the spring, I love the extension of daylight in the evening.  I’m praying for some warm weather this week.  I’m dreaming of a cold toddy on my screened-in porch. I’m drooling over beach plans and boat time with my family.  I’m day dreaming about long walks with Mr. Sugarbears dragging me around the neighborhood.  I’m looking forward to the annual Easter egg hunt at the cottage, the ridiculous amount of Easter decorations that my mother will no doubt have on display there and mostly sitting in the sun with a view of the water.  Spring is here and the count down is on for some fun in the sun.