Overwhelmed.  Stressed.  Heavy.  We all have our personal struggles.  Finding time to replenish our souls and our bodies isn’t always at the top of our “to-do” lists.

My sister Kelly and I are both planners.  We make a lot of lists.  We make a lot of plans.  We get this from our mom.  She is the queen of the Post-it notes. Kelly is way better at her time management than I am.  She is also better with her coping skills.  Mine usually requires the help of some type of vice, i.e;  wine, exercise, food.


This past weekend, I celebrated Easter with my parents, my husband, Kelly and her husband and kids.  It’s our family tradition to celebrate at the beach.  Friday night my mom offered to watch our dogs and Kelly’s children.  This allowed my husband and I to go out for a nice dinner with my sister and her husband.  It was yummy.  Our favorite dinner spot is The Icehouse.  We’ve been going for years.  It never disappoints.


Easter weekend is traditionally the start of our beach time.  It’s normally still too cold to get in the water, but it has become a weekend to enjoy time together and prep the cottage for the coming months of fun.  My husband and I were scheduled to pick up our boat.  After twenty-five years, our boat motor took its last breath and we had to replace it.  I’m hoping we have at least as long with the new one.

Some of our good friends from home were staying in the same quaint beach town and my sister and I  met up with them late morning.  Their kids had been given a new sailboat and my sister had offered to instruct them on how to rig the new boat.  I was just there to enjoy the company.  Kelly is a great teacher.  She was a sailing instructor in her late teens.  She’s cool like that.  I love sailing.

Saturday afternoon we played Bocce ball by the water with everyone.  My nephew Jeremiah was on my team and his four-year old skills were impressive. My dad finally joined us late in the afternoon and my sister and I cooked a big dinner.  We had picked up shrimp from Clyde’s Seafood, our local fish monger and a few steaks for the guys.  We kept it simple.  A shrimp boil is always great.  We had salad and bread on the side.

After dinner our parents offered to watch the dogs and the kids again!  Our lack of cable TV at the cottage is rarely a problem, except when there’s a big game on.  My sister and brother-in-law offered to drive, too.  Score!  My husband and I always love going out with them.  We went to the local Irish pub downtown so we could watch the game.  To our delight, they had a band playing, too.  It was a perfect combo.  There was a large flat screen with the game playing and the music and beer were great!

While enjoying our libations, my sister and I decided that we wanted to go to the Easter sunrise service the following morning.  I don’t think our husbands believed us as we continued drinking and giggling.  The next morning when my alarm went off, I had a brief moment when I thought better of going, but quickly rallied.  I brushed my teeth and hair and put on some flip-flops and a jacket.  I met my sister downstairs and we both gave each other high fives for getting up.  We quietly exited the house with a soft drink to share.  (We were in need of a little fast caffeine).  Moments later we were parking across the street from the downtown park.  It’s on the water.  The park was packed with people of all ages.  There was an unusual quiet for such a large gathering.


The sun peeked over the horizon and the pastor began his service.  The service started with a prayer and then instructions for us to hug our neighbors.  Songs were sung and prayers were said as the sun kept rising.  At the close of the service, the pastor invited everyone to join them at their local church for a free breakfast.  We couldn’t make it to that, but the offer was appreciated.

We were back at the cottage by 7:30 and the Easter bunny had visited already.  The kiddos were happily indulging in candy and my mother was cooking breakfast.



I felt renewed as I looked around at my family.  The dogs were happily playing with each other and everyone seemed content.  I breathed in deeply and allowed myself to let things go.  This is the stuff that makes life amazing.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  My spirit breathes.


6 thoughts on “My Spirit Breathes

  1. It was a wonderful weekend. One of those weekends where you’re busy but happy the entire time and things just seem to work out the way you wanted. Except ofcourse those dang biscuits:)

    1. hahaha-Momma and those dang biscuits. She’ll be talking about that failure for years. For the record, I’ve never had them before and I thought they were fine. It may have just been my excitement though for eating and drinking so much gluten. 🙂
      So thankful to have you to share these adventures. Love you sister.

  2. This sounds like the perfect Easter weekend! It had all the ingredients that make life so joyous! Good for you guys for getting up so early after a little too much fun the night before. It would have been difficult to get me up. Our Easter was much quieter in that it was the first year ever without my kids. 😦 It was a bit sad but then we went to my in-laws and had a peaceful delicious Easter lunch.

    1. Oh Maria, I had not thought about the kids not being home with you. Boooooo! I’m so sad for you.
      I’m glad you had a nice visit with the in-laws, though. Happy belated Easter! Sending you hugs from NC.

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