icecreamI rarely buy ice cream.  If it is in my freezer I will undoubtedly scoop it into a bowl every night until the container is empty.  Tonight I had an excuse to pick up ice cream at the store.  One of the blogs that I follow,  wrote a post on some incredible wine and dessert pairings.  To be honest, it is somewhat my fault that he wrote this great post.  He harmlessly tweeted the prior day about all of the half-price candy that would be everywhere after the Easter holiday.  Of course, I had to ask what his pairing suggestions would be for the abundance of candy, and he did not disappoint.  My taste buds spent most of today imagining the combinations that he had suggested.  The one that I could not resist was the simple pairing of vanilla ice cream with chocolate shavings and sherry.  Upon leaving work tonight my taste buds commandeered the direction my vehicle was taking.  Without memory of how I had arrived there, I found myself at the local grocery store staring at different brands of vanilla ice cream. Without any self-control I found myself paying for a carton of vanilla ice cream. Not too long after this I was in my kitchen scooping ice cream into a small sundae glass that was my mother’s and topping it with dark chocolate shavings.  The final step was drizzling the sherry on top.  Moments later I was savoring the decadence of this lovely treat.  Now I’m faced with the knowledge that I have a container of ice cream in my freezer, and more so, that I can put together this concoction again tomorrow.  I’m not sad, although my hips might be.  🙂

10 thoughts on “Vanilla Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Shavings and Sherry

    1. I wish I could tell you that I had the PX sherry with it, but alas I used what was in the cupboard already. I’ve got in on my list to purchase next though. Thanks again for the great suggestion!

  1. Sweet! On vanilla ice cream, I’ve enjoyed drizzled Kahlua . . . or Grand Marnier . . . or Framboise.

    Sometimes I let Ben & Jerry’s do the mixing for me ~ Coffee Heath Bar Crunch!

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