Between the after Easter candy that was on sale this month and the slow progression of warm weather this month, my pants were getting tight.  I’ve been reading reviews on under the desk exercise bikes for the past few weeks and making notes.  They range in price from 20.00 up to 200.00.  (Obviously way less expensive than a bunch of new pants.)  When I started my search for one of these, I was first considering one for around 100.00.  The more reviews that I read, I found that there wasn’t a huge difference between all of the options.  The 20.00 one was clearly not going to handle the work load I intended to give it, but the 100.00 one seemed to have the same cons as the lesser expensive models.  I was looking for a really low profile to accommodate the height of my desk, but not looking for any fancy electronics that might fail.  I ended up purchasing the Stamina Instride Cycle on Amazon for a little over 35.00.  It came in today and I love it.  I’ve finally stopped biking due to the fact that my knee was starting to hurt and my dress kept riding up too far.  I’ll have to rethink my work attire-Maybe I’ll just bring a throw blanket.  In fact, that will most likely work best.  The guys I work with pump the air conditioner in the summer and I’m always freezing.

So my thoughts thus far on just 2 hours of use:

     Even the lowest profile version still doesn’t allow me to sit with my chair pulled all the way up to my desk-slight bummer

     My chair doesn’t have locking casters, so I have to keep at least one hand solid on my desk to keep stationary-dang

     I’m amazed that I was able to do this easily for two hours while being productive at my job

    The resistance can be adjusted, but I didn’t make it too hard-I’m going for more repetition

     Even with the rubber feet, I had to make sure they were on the carpet so it would not slide-Not a problem

All in all, I’m excited to have a way to do a little more during the sedentary part of my day.  I’m pretty thrilled that I only spent 35.00 for this much happiness.  This is the link to the one that I purchased:

So what’s under your desk?  Sassy answers welcome.  🙂

5 thoughts on “What’s Under Your Desk?

  1. Ive seen a lot of ads for those lately… Good to hear they work.

    About biking in clothes, my brother’s ex started a company that makes business-appropriate skirts with built in bike shorts for commutes. I hear they work great and would look good with your Tory Burches. (Betcha didnt think id notice…)

  2. This is fantastic!! It looks like it’s worth the cons you mentioned because, at least you are moving while working. I have been in the market for some kind of home equipment that I can keep in my bedroom so that I can be somewhat active for the sake of my joints and waist. 🙂 I want some sort of small treadmill with a table top so that I can “work” while I walk. Thanks for showing us this option. You just motivated me to get moving on my purchase! 🙂

  3. I love this – I was actually looking at something you put your monitor on to lift it so that for 30 minute increments you stand up….I sit so much, but this pedal thing, might be something that is worth a try….very interesting post.

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