Yesterday, while many were celebrating Memorial Day at the beach or cooking out, I spent the day with my dad building a treehouse for my nephew.  It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.  My dad had a plan to replicate the same treehouse that he built by himself, for my sister and I when we were children.  We loved that treehouse so much.  It was our private world.

Construction begins
Construction begins

We started the day at dad’s house prepping everything.  We cut all of the boards so that all we would have to do at my sister’s house was to bolt it all together in the tree.  My dad had gone over to her house the day before and placed the posts and set them in concrete.

Stage 1
Stage 1

I felt pretty relieved after this was set.  I wasn’t sure what my 40 something year old body was capable of when it came to construction.  I’ve also watched a lot of Treehouse Masters that had me imagining that we needed heavy equipment.  Haha.  Obviously, their treehouses are a lot more elaborate, but in my mind…

Starting to take shape
Starting to take shape

At this point, I was feeling pretty confident and to be honest, I was getting pretty excited at the thought that we could actually pull this off.  I was also smiling a lot with my dad.  We worked really great together.  He makes a great leader in so many ways.

Checking out our hinges
Checking out our hinges

The sides open on both sides.  One side gives the kids a view of their backyard and their house.  The other view is of this cool field behind them where the neighbors are working on a community garden.  I’m imagining many baseball and football games there in the future.  We plan to put shingles on both sides, but my dad thought that my sister and the kiddos should have input on those.

And then they came home…

I think he likes it.
I think he likes it.

Last night as I thought about my day, I couldn’t help but feel gratitude for the time I had spent with my dad building the treehouse.  I thought about all of the time that my sister and I had shared together in our treehouse.  It seems like yesterday that we were in there giggling with our friends.  None of us know what tomorrow will bring us.  Time is so very precious.

8 thoughts on “Precious Time

  1. So So True! You are a lucky girl to get to spend time with your Dad and your nephew is very lucky to have you both! I bet you know it and so does he! He will always remember this tree house just like you do yours. I know several little ones who would love a tree house. Save those plans for Holt!

    1. I can already see Todd and B working with us on one for Holt. 🙂
      I feel really blessed that I now live close to my parents and my sister and kiddos. Life is just better with family. 🙂

  2. I was already obsessed with you and you just knocked that up a notch. Jer is so stoked and can’t wait for us to put the ladder in. I love you big sister, you’re amazing.

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