This year's team-Dustin's Greenhouse
This year’s team-Dustin’s Greenhouse

Where do you find strength?  Where do you find your self worth?  Some children in this world are not given the skills they need to flourish.  My brother-in-law, Freebird McKinney is one of the directors of Dustin’s Greenhouse. They believe in cultivating hope in the “under-served and under-recognized” in Guilford county.  For the last ten years, Freebird has been involved with this organization.  He spends countless hours each year fundraising, teaching the kids to be more charitable, and training for their trips. This, of course, is outside of his teaching job, outside of him being a great parent and husband, and just being downright awesome.

This year the kids are going to the Yucatan.  They will meet and work with the Mayans. They have all been trained this year to scuba dive and will be diving on this trip.  Two of the kids didn’t even know how to swim last year. Traveling to other countries and learning about new cultures is what this organization is all about.  Understanding poverty on a whole new level, these kids come back with a new understanding of our world.

Last night was a fundraiser for this years group and we were lucky to have many of the previous kids, now adults, speak to us on how being a part of Dustin’s Greenhouse has changed their lives.  It was overwhelming.  My heart seemed to stop as I listened intently to these wonderful human beings.  From the one who spoke about staying with a family so impoverished that roaches and rats roamed around them while they slept, to not having bathroom facilities that we all take for granted, to being in a shark cage.  Can you imagine?  I can imagine, but wow.

I’m so honored to witness the growth that Dustin’s Greenhouse fosters in our youth.  They give opportunity where some might say none existed.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Please visit their site and if you feel so inclined, please donate to them.  You may just change someone’s life.


My awesome friends
My awesome friends
Future Globetrotters
Future Globetrotters

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