I can’t imagine a world without books to read. I still buy them in paperback and hardcover. There’s so much enjoyment in finding them a proper home in my library. It’s like I’m introducing them to friends when I find a place on a shelf with a similar genre.

Rarely do I buy e-books. I joke with my book club that I’ll be the girl everyone will want to friend when the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse occurs. I mean, I doubt people will be using their precious found energy to power their books then.

Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger
ordinary grace

Just lovely. I was overly emotional when I read this and found myself struggling at times not to cry. This book is set in New Bremen, Minnesota in the year of 1961. It’s a story centered on a family in a small town.  Although this is set in a time before I was born, there are many timeless correlations.  I miss the freedom I felt growing up just riding my bike all over town for 6 or 7 hours without any fear for my safety.  It was easy for me to connect with this family. There’s tragedy. There’s unrequited love. There’s murder. It’s a story of how tragedy effects the life of a young boy. This is beautifully written.  Read it!

The Keeper of Lost Causes by Jussi Adler-Olsen
keeper of lost

This is the story of a homicide detective, Carl Morck who blames himself for not pulling his weapon when two colleagues are shot in a hail of bullets. He ends up receiving a “promotion” where he is given a bunch of cold cases to review. As he reviews files, he comes across one that he can’t put down. It’s a case on a liberal politician that just doesn’t sit right with him. He can’t believe this strong woman took her own life.  And without a body being found he’s just not convinced that she’s not alive.  His unrelenting search leads him to an amazing conclusion.   I was captivated.  I’m hooked on this author now.  This book is riveting. It’s a must read for lovers of mysteries and thrillers.

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Okay, I’m all over the place with my book choices, but I never fail to go too long without some type of science fiction or fantasy fiction book to read. I do love Neil Gaiman’s books and this one did not fail to entertain. It’s magical.

Tristan is half fairy and half man. He is raised in a small village away from fairyland. He falls madly in love with a woman in town and promises her a fallen star for her hand in marriage. Tristan sets off on a wonderful adventure in fairyland in search of the falling star. The star is a short-tempered, beautiful woman in fairyland. (how fitting) They are bound together for some time throughout Tristan’s journey home. When Tristan returns home, he finds that he is no longer madly in love with the woman he set out to find the star and realizes that he was meant to be in fairyland after all. It’s a quick and fun read. Borrow it. Buy it. Check it out.

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