Coffee and the River
Coffee and the River

I don’t mean the coffee; I mean the view and the peace I feel when I’m at the river.
Many years ago I was driving home from college when it started to gently snow. At the same time Joni Mitchell’s I Could Drink a Case of You, (the rock version) started playing on the radio. My dog, a rescued Chinese Shar pei sat beside me and I was overwhelmed by the calm and love that inundated my being.
The sounds of nature bring me immense joy. Sometimes it’s intensified by music, like on that trip home. I have a propensity towards solitude. People who know me closely understand this about me. I’m blessed to have a partner who understands my need for alone time. It heals and balances me.
As many of my friends and family know, I’ve been balancing more on my plate than I’m used to balancing. Let me also say that I’m intensely aware that many others experience or are experiencing many more difficult hardships. I’m aware and I pray for them.
Over the weekend, the hubs and I were able to knock out some projects that were weighing on us. Due to the hurricane last month, we lost the end of the pier at the family cottage. When the pier went, so did the electrical that went to the boat house that housed my dad’s boat. Winter is approaching and we feared we were running out of time to retrieve dad’s boat from the water safely and winterize it.
Saturday morning we both woke up with a combination of fear and drive. I kept hearing my sister’s voice in my head saying,”We’ve got this” And so we did. We loaded the first trailer of storm debris and hauled it away and then purchased and loaded wood to rebuild the end of the pier. Each time we knocked something out, I smiled and thanked God and Daddy for looking down on us with favor. (my journey; my thoughts) Next up we were back at the cottage and in no time:

From the lone board that was left to repaired!
From the lone board that was left to repaired!

My husband repaired the electrical and we hoped and prayed individually that the motor on the boat lift would still work. It did! We lowered the boat and silently prayed again that the motor on the boat would start. The tide is high this time of year and the water was rough. I watched him set off and couldn’t help but tear up as I wondered if this might be the last time I would see dad’s boat in the water.

Jerry's Dream
Jerry’s Dream

This boat holds 30 plus years of memories. My sister and I took countless fishing trips with dad on this boat. I learned to slolem ski behind this boat and hydroslide and trick ski. I attempted a lot of cool, fun things behind this boat. Dad loved boating, skiing and fishing. He made my sister and I love the water. I think we’re both drawn to it.

Daddy with his girls
Daddy with his girls

I’m beyond thankful for the life my father gave me. I look back on my childhood and I can’t think of anything I needed. (Wanted…yes, but never a need that he didn’t meet) I’m thankful for the forty plus years he graced my life. I’m thankful for the view of the river that serves as a reminder of what hard work and dreams can give you. I’m saddened by the truth that he will not retire here as he wished. When I look out on the river I think, “I could drink a case of this.”

Mr. Sugarbears and his best friend Chubs
Mr. Sugarbears and his best friend Chubs

12 thoughts on “I Could Drink a Case of This

  1. Hello my sweet Shannon. I am so touched by your writings. You can touch my very being with how you write from your heart. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Can’t wait to see you soon.

  2. You are such a talented writer, just one of your many gifts. So blessed to get an inside peak at your memories. You can put many of the emotions we all feel into words! tha js for sharing. I Love reading Your posts as did mom. Love you Shanny!

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