That’s how long it has been since my sweet, wonderful daddy passed away. My brain still has trouble wrapping itself around that fact. I feel a little bit more like my “old self” these days, but I still have a multitude of moments where the loss hits me so hard that I feel like I can’t breathe.
My sister and I have worked really hard to take care of our mom, his business, his employees…his stuff. I can honestly say that having so much on our plates has helped me get up every day. The day after his funeral we were hard at work taking care of these things.
As a testament to his character; we’ve been taken aback by the ease of which dad’s customers have worked with us to close out their accounts. We’ve tried our best to direct them to new suppliers and I’ve hugged each and every one of them. Dad was loved by his customers. The process of talking to his customers has been very cathartic for both my sister and myself.
Our dad never meant for his girls to work in the sawmill industry and so we never learned much about it. We can’t help but laugh when we imagine dad looking down on us and giggling at our facial expressions each time someone asks for a chipper or debarker part. A huge part of me is grateful for this learning experience. I can actually say that I’ve walked many days in my father’s shoes now. I didn’t think it was possible to respect my dad more than I already did, but I do. He was more of a magician than I gave him credit.
But I do have one gripe, “Why is it so flipping hard to close a deceased person’s account”? I won’t say who the difficult provider was, but I’ll say it was something like BG&G. Three Months! Three months straight I’ve talked with every poor soul that bothered to pick up the customer service line there. I’ve explained countless times that my dad passed away unexpectedly and that he no longer needs internet service. I’ve explained this to so many people. I’ve been transferred over and over again. Each one has the same response, “What’s the passcode”? Ummmmm, really????? I’ve guessed at the pass code many times. I’ve cried. I’m not proud to admit it, but I’ve raised my voice. If you have a copy of someones death certificate…why is this not enough?
My sister offered to drive to the local store and take over after I admitted to her that I had pretty much screamed at a stranger there. I’m not proud. Anyway, she took off yesterday with her certified copy of the death certificate and the bill. She was ready to help out her big sister. (thanks little stink) She confidently strode over to the manager, who surprisingly was not falling all over himself to help her out. She explained how we had tried for three months over the phone to cancel the service to no avail, and you know what he said to her? “Ma’am, you’ll still have to call, but you can sit here to do it” OMG. She sat down, with only a few ruffled feathers poking out of her coat. She made the call. When she repeatedly told the service rep that she didn’t have the pass code, the manager sitting across from her took pity on her and got on the phone. He explained that she was in the store with a certified death certificate. He now had a vested interest in our plight. Three store managers got involved. No one could cancel the service. My sister inhaled deeply and got back on the phone. They finally gave her a hint to what the pass code might be and it came to her. Yep. Just like that, she had figured out his pass code and they were able to cancel the service. We will be getting a final bill in the mail soon. Wow. It only took 104 days.

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