Often over the last 11 months,  I’ve expressed and felt a lot of emotions that I’m not proud of, but they were part of my grieving.  Life throws us all curve balls…I guess I’m learning to be a better catcher.

Last night I met a dear friend for a late dinner after the gym.  She lost her mother a year prior to me losing dad.  She’s still struggling with the raw emotions of loss, as well.   As we talked about how hard it is living without them, I realized that we were missing out on the present moment. We knocked back a few drinks and decided to focus on what was going on in our lives now.

She’s a bi-lateral amputee who used to be a dancer.  She’s practicing now for a local “Dancing with the Stars” to raise money for cancer research now.  Ummmm-wow.  She’s also in up-to-her-ears in pharmaceutical research, raising a daughter and saying yes to every person in need, that comes her way.

Life isn’t easy, but how we choose to live each day is what counts.  Recently I had a health scare with my precious dog, Mr. Sugarbears (he’s fine now) and I’ve cried about the tragedies in Orlando; and I’ve felt helpless.   There’s also a tough presidential race that quite frankly scares me.   I’m a Peace, Love and Wine kind of gal.  I know it is unrealistic to think I could live in a world full of happy people, but I choose to be happy overall.  I choose to smile at strangers.  I choose to heal myself from my grief, pray for others who are downtrodden, and do what I can to make a difference in this world.

Maybe my small attempts will make someone else happy?  Maybe my smile will be the one thing someone needs to make their day better? Maybe I will make a difference?  I’m thankful for the small things-like a sunny morning or a co-worker leaving me a cupcake.  How about you?