Making it Happen!

Yesterday morning I awakened to torrential rain. It can be incredibly soothing to watch and listen to, but most importantly, it was much needed. We need it to plant new grass and we need it for our plants to survive. You see…My husband continues to fight his ongoing battle with crabgrass, that steals the show every few months. Almost as soon as the new grass seed shines bright, the crabgrass rears its ugly face. My husband is left with no other choice than to kill all of the grass in an attempt to rid the yard of the vile weed. I’m amused and impressed with his commitment. It’s similar to my attempt to balance my life with being a caretaker at heart and having a career.
As the rain poured down on the house, I was struck with the thought that I should make chili. In fact, I thought, I should make a lot of chili. I should make so much that I can freeze some, have some for lunch and take some to my mother. Hmmmm-I raced to the grocery store with rain pelting my face, I braved the parking lot. I couldn’t help smiling as I raced through the store with squeaky wet shoes, thinking to myself, “I’m a domestic goddess” I assisted an elderly woman in the checkout and thought, “I’m a good person” and then I raced home. I unloaded the multitude of bags from my vehicle and dried off. With 45 minutes left before my husband would be home and I was cooking with abandon, one of the largest batches of chili I had ever put together. I even stopped midway and made my mother a takeout tray before I added the really spicy things that would not agree with her. I mean, I really have my shit together today. I’m going to deliver chili to mom, have some with my husband at lunch, pack a ton away in the freezer and then get to my real job. I’m rocking this domestic goddess thing.
I did have lunch with B and I did take my mother chili. Everyone was happy. I filled tupperware after tupperware with my fatty deliciousness and left it on the counter to cool. I went to work in my office and couldn’t help grinning at how awesome I was rocking the day.
Later the chili had cooled, so I took a break to load my freezer. I’m still not sure how it happened, but in a split second, my entire kitchen was covered in chili. It was everywhere and my beloved Mr. Sugarbears was at my feet trying his best to gobble it all up. I tried my best to get as much up as possible before he ate too many pounds of chili. I didn’t cry and I didn’t curse, but I did stop and think once I finally cleaned it all up, “I’m not really rocking this domestic goddess thing” Oh well, there’s always tomorrow and I bet there will be more crabgrass, too.