Complacency leads to a life less fulfilled.  It fools us into believing we are doing things right.  When we don’t push ourselves to be more and to do more, we are short-changing ourselves and others around us.  Before 2017 begins I am really evaluating my life and the things I want to accomplish.  Without knowing the final deadline date, (as none of us do) I need to jump on it.   With that more in perspective, I’m eager to set a new pace.

Sometimes all it takes is a new point of view to remind us that life really isn’t a picnic for everyone.  It can be so easy to see only the perfect facade displayed.  Self doubt and insecurity can wreak havoc on a person’s psyche and hold them back.  Thoughts that people have it better than, are smarter than, skinnier than,  can be destructive and halt our own forward progress.  That’s when perspective usually strikes.

I was quickly reminded  yesterday morning of that very thing.  A close friend lost her sister.  It felt like a sumo wrestler sat on my chest and sucked the breath out of me when I heard the news.  I couldn’t fathom her pain of losing a sibling.  The last year plus has been so much about my grief, my sister’s pain, and my mom’s survival.  It’s been a lot of Me. Me. Me.  Damn it.   People come out of the wood work when bad things happen, too.  So many of us share the same types of loss.  Yes-it’s a part of life, but it doesn’t mean it’s okay.  It doesn’t make it easy.  We all struggle in our own ways.  Some are better at hiding their pain, while some (like me) wear it and write it all over.

But life is meant to be felt.  Pain can often create growth.  I know I’ve learned to be more compassionate with people through my own grief.  I would like to think that I’ve  learned to be a better friend, because mine have been amazing.  It has taught me how important it is to keep checking in on people and their lives.  We can miss so much when we don’t  ask.

Complacency is the easy way and not the direction I’m going to follow in my life. Life is beautiful and a gift.  It’s often hard, but through it, we can become stronger.  We can be better.  We can have a new and better perspective.  When my days feel like they are getting easier, I question what I’m missing or doing wrong now.  I wonder what else I should turn my attention to.  I want to really kick ass in life so when I take my final breath I can feel like I really lived it.  I hope this life is ready, because I have this feeling that I haven’t been doing it right.

Bring it 2017!



8 thoughts on “When Life Gets Too Easy…You Aren’t Doing It Right

  1. You go girl! I lost a brother this year and believe me when I say I had my own grief showing for a while. But then a few months later one of my best friends lost her mother and I felt her pain clearly. I think you are right about being more compassionate to others. She was not moving ahead after that and posted about grief constantly. I said at the holidays, we must remember there are so many out there that are experiencing the same feelings (but different because everyone grieves differently) as we are right now, TODAY. And it is so easy not to recognize others have feelings also. I’m with you, I want to make 2017 a better more productive year! Happier New Year my dear!

  2. Thank you! I took a Tai Chi class the other night at my gym, because I couldn’t wait to start living stronger. May 2017 be an amazing year for you, too! Sending you healing hugs and thoughts now. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m super motivated right now, so hopefully I can keep up the momentum. With friends like you in my life, I have a lot to be thankful for and so excited to make more memories with you! Hugs and Luvs!

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