Detox Gift Basket-kind of 🙂

Well, it’s January 9th, so this idea for a Christmas gift comes either extremely early, or way too late.  I’m going to say I’m just really on it this year and wanted to give everyone a heads up for December 2017.   Glass half full, remember?

One of my friends has a great blog called Crazy Blonde Life.  She is a lifestyle blogger.  Last fall she posted a homemade detox bath that looked pretty awesome.    I’m a huge fan of any kind of detox.  My lifestyle requires that I do them.  I love to eat, drink and be merry.  Shocker, I know.  Anyway, I tried a similar version for myself and was really surprised at the results.  The combination of the peroxide and the Epson salts left me feeling refreshed and very relaxed.   Sooooo,  I decided that I would give the gift of health to my besties.  Of course with the addition of some Prosecco to be consumed at a later date.

The idea behind a detox bath is to do it when you have not been drinking.  In Crazy Blonde’s post, she talked about dry brushing, too.  Have any of you ever done this yourself?  I’ve been sloughed and scrubbed at spas before, but I had never actually done it myself.  In each basket I included a scrub brush for dry-brushing, Epson salts, liquid Epson salts, peroxide and a few other knick knacks.  My new favorite is Dr. Teal’s Ginger and Clay Epson Salts, which is what I put in the mason jars.  With it was included the liquid version in a small glass jar.  Crazy Blonde suggested essential oils, too.  Since I was making them for different people, I couldn’t decide on a scent, so I just skipped that part in the gift.  I bought the baskets at a craft store.  In some of the baskets, I included magazines, or a  book, or even slippers.  I didn’t want them all to be identical, and I wanted there to be some personalization.  They seemed to be a big hit, so I thought I’d share.  Try it at home for yourself.  Here’s the link to Crazy Blonde’s original detox post.

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