I’ve had a plethora of emotions in 2017, and it’s only mid-February.

  • There’s the political atmosphere that keeps my heart rate up.
  • Balancing this “working from home” thing, that’s still pretty new.
  • Working on bettering myself as a writer, a designer and cook…

I never want to disappoint or fall short, but I know that I often do.  This human thing can be tricky and tiring.

Recently, I’ve been re-charged by a returning interior design client. I’m finishing up this week, so I’ll post some fun before and afters soon.    It’s always an interesting challenge to help a client “see” what they really want.  It’s also a challenge not to do everything the way I want to do it.  It’s like a marriage, there’s a lot of compromise to get things right.

My love of food has completely consumed me and I’m looking into the logistics of catering.  I’ve worked in enough restaurants in the past to know that I’m not cut out for the whole shabang.  I’ve taken some samples to friends and asked for feedback.  Here’s a few I tried this week.  They were all gluten-free.  And yes, I’m still working on my cookbook.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve been studying my way through the wine regions of Europe.  Italy was fun.  I’m now working on France and starting with the Champagne region.  🙂  I follow so many wonderful wine bloggers online, like https://winewankers.com/ https://thedrunkencyclist.com/  https://talk-a-vino.com/  and https://pleasebringmemywine.com/  The more I read, the more I appreciate the efforts that each of these bloggers makes to educate us mere mortals on the intimacies of wine.  I write this with the utmost respect for each of them.  As hard as I try to decipher the aromas and tastes that grace my palate, I still haven’t been able to tell you if there’s a minerality or smokiness to my wine.  I’ve resorted to looking up the descriptions online about each bottle and then trying to “sniff and taste” them out.  So kudos to those of you that can; it’s not like I haven’t finished off enough glasses to have a minor in Wino.

So as I continue to work on my plans for this year, I hope you’ll continue to follow along with my progress.  Clearly, I have a lot on my mind, and need to work on completing some of the ones that I’ve already started, versus adding more to the list.  And is it acceptable to open a bottle of wine before noon on a Wednesday?  Never mind.  I’ve actually got to get some things done, but a girl can dream.

6 thoughts on “Too Early for Wine

  1. First of all, thank you for your kind mention! Second of all, it is always acceptable to open a bottle of wine. In Portugal, for instance, 2-3 kinds of Port are always present at the breakfast buffet. Many of the professional wine tastings take place in the morning. Or think about winery visits – most of them are open at 10 AM if not earlier. So yes, it is always acceptable to have a glass of wine.
    And as far as all the descriptors go, don’t get discouraged. It is something which you can acquire. Some basic tastes and smell are easier to detect – like strawberries, blueberries and cherries. Some of them are a lot harder and might exist only in the mind of the reviewer. And sorry, but especially be careful with the stuff on the back labels – I typically have a hard time to match what I taste and what the label says. Trust your own palate. Whether you smell/taste that jostaberry is not that important – what important is whether you like the wine or not – that’s all there is to it.

  2. Thank you for enabling my desire to drink before noon. 🙂 Sounds like I need to add Portugal to my travel bucket list. Port for breakfast-I’m in.
    Also, thank you for the advice. That makes me feel a lot better. On that note, I’m off for a big glass of vino! Many thanks!

  3. Thanks for making my day with a big smile on my face after reading your witty cheerful blog post! I’m always available to try ANY dish you make or enjoy a glass of wine! Can’t wait to try the stuffed pepper recipe.

    1. Yay! Thank you for saying so. It’s so nice to know you’re available. I need all the partners in crime that I can get a hold of for wine drinking and food eating. Haha. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. 🙂 Much love to ya’

  4. Update: I went to print the stuffed pepper recipe and could not find it. Was it posted? If not, I would love to make it if it’s not too much trouble to post, thanks!

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