Hello!  Thanks for visiting my blog!  I hope you’ll find a recipe to try, a wine to experience, something that inspires you…or all of the above.
I’m Shannon and I’m loving life more each day while enjoying food, family, friends, design and wine.
I have my bachelors degree in Interior Design and I love working on my home and helping friends and family work their way through design conundrums. It fills my cup!
I’m enamored with cooking. I have no formal training, unless you count The Food Network on TV, or working in restaurants throughout my many years in college.  I find it to be a great de-stresser and creative outlet. I’ve made my share of mistakes over the years experimenting in the kitchen and I’m sure I’ll make many more. Guess what though? It’s okay.
It’s important to me to support local business. (There was a time I actually had a small store myself) I make a conscious effort to shop locally and I know it makes a difference in my life. For instance, local honey is extra tasty, helps with my seasonal allergies, supports my community, and leaves less of a footprint on the environment. And that’s just honey.
My love of wine and cheese is known by many. Or maybe being a wino is what’s known? Well, I’m kind of kidding, but what I mean is that I really do make an effort to understand wine. Since I spend so much time in these various shops, I’ve found that the owners are happy to share their abundance of knowledge with me and they are appreciative that I take the time to shop with them. It’s another great thing about shopping locally-free knowledge.
Also, we have amazing dairy farms all over our state and the goats cheese is abundant. I love the Goat Lady’s Dairy. Not only do they have a sustainable farm, they have chocolate goats cheese truffles. Yeah, I said it. It’s good. Try it.
I have an incredible dog, Arthur. He’s my sweet, rescue dog that I refer to affectionately as Mr. Sugarbears. He brings me a lot of joy and really has completed my family. My first rescue was a Chinese Shar pei that my husband and I had for almost ten years. He had been abused the first two years of his life and it took some time for him to trust us, but once he did we had the most wonderful bond. I will always be thankful for him. He made me stronger. Mr. Sugarbears spent the first eight months of his life roaming the streets. Judging from his temperament and love of food, I’d say he must have been hanging out behind some restaurant and eating leftovers. In the five years that he has been a member of my family, he’s never shown any aggression. He’s just a big, hungry teddy bear.
Music-It’s always good. It’s even better when it’s good music being played close to your home. Not only is it convenient and fun, but you are supporting a local tavern or restaurant that will appreciate your patronage. Who doesn’t want to be appreciated? I am not hard to please either, I listen to a little bit of everything. I have been making a “Shannon loves you mix” since 1984 for my friends. When I started they were recorded on audio tapes. Yep, that’s me.
I have one sibling-my baby sister, Kelly.  She means the world to me.  I spend a lot of my time giggling with her and forcing her to try my latest recipes.  I’m so thankful to my parents for having a second child.  It could not have been an easy decision after me.  🙂
And for the harder stuff…I have spent too much of my life regretting past choices. Life is really too short to live with regret and sadness. I can only control my actions today and I still screw up now and again. So, what can I do to make my life happier and more fulfilled? I can make a bad day better simply by putting on my sneakers and taking a walk or a run. I can stop by the local Co-op and pick up some fresh vegetables and create a meal. I can visit a family member or a friend and just talk. But what really makes me happy is helping others. Who knew? When I give my time to help a friend or a stranger, I feel really good. I am surrounded by friends and family that must feel the same way, because I am blown away by their generosity of spirit and time.

Don’t get me wrong, a private sale alert in my in-box will make me happy, too. Temporarily.
But most of all…this guy…


23 thoughts on “About

  1. You sound like a lady after my own heart…. I like the way you write… I promised a blogging friend http://letmereach.com that i would reach out today… and I found you… I hope you will become one of my friendships… we support one another on our journeys… enjoying, discovering and living in the new energy consciousness… together… Barbara x

  2. I am now SO hungry after visiting your blog. I am cheating on Andra’s prompt to say hello to one person, and am instead trying to say hello to everyone!

  3. Hello! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! I have to get to work soon…but will come by and check yours out too…and check who the person under me is on Andra’s post…:D

  4. I realized that I’ve been a bad blogging buddy and haven’t visited in a while so I thought I’d pop over and thank you for your comments on my blog. Of course, reading this post has now made me hungry so I have to find some food now. I love your attitude toward life . . . I think I need more of that in my own.

  5. I just found that you have a blog and have read through the ENTIRE thing in one sitting – loving every second of it! Smiles, a few teary moments, lots of great memories triggered by various posts, and mostly so much sweet insight into the woman you are today. Loved reading this and am looking forward to following. And love you!

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